Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer-- Day 35


What a long day!  But, it's been a good one.  Productive & fun & tiring.

At about 10:00 this morning, we hooked up Larry's trailer (to his truck), loaded the lawn mower & weed eater, packed up our towels.  By 10:40-ish we were all packed up & headed off to the house we've been mowing/swimming at for the past several weeks.  We knew that the kids were due home from camp sometime mid-day, but weren't sure exactly WHEN.  We put in a call to the youth pastor on the way home & found out they were expected around 2:00.  It was after 11:00 by the time we arrived at the house to swim, and since it is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from our church, we knew that we could keep an eye out for the church van to arrive.  Since it would be a couple of hours until their arrival anyway, Larry began the mowing while Samuel, Sarah & I hopped into the pool.  Since we were there in the morning/noon hour, we sunscreened up quite a bit & then reapplied it about an hour later, and again later.  Luckily, none of us are even the slightest bit pink---which is great!  The sunscreen worked.  Whew!  (my scalp is a little sore & red in one area...since you can't exactly rub sunscreen into your hair, that always ends up happening to me -- ouch!)

We got done with the mowing/swimming around 1:20 & headed over to the church.  Larry needed to load up some things from the building for the all-church 4th of July celebration picnic tomorrow, so we worked on that while we waited.  Two plastic swimming pools, 4 trashcans, 4 folding tables, a gazillion burger/hotdog buns & plates/napkins/forks/spoons/knives later, we were all done.  And just in time!  The campers pulled into the parking lot about 2:15.  Savannah & her buddy who went to camp w/ her rode w/ the youth pastor's wife, so they actually arrived before the vanload of boys.  We got to hug & welcome her home and hear the youth pastor/wife talk about how much fun they'd all had before loading up her suitcase & stuff to head home.

As for Savannah's week at camp---she had a blast!  She spent the week doing all sorts of fun & crazy things.  She played paintball.  She rode a zipline thing.  She played ultimate dodgeball, a tennis-kickball combination game.  She swam, she walked, she rode in golf carts.  All in all, she had a great week!  (Oh, and don't forget---she read books & carried around her little spiral notebook & mechanical pencils all week too.  Tee hee...if you know her at all, you know that she's always got her spiral & mechanical pencil and/or at least 1 book with her at all times!!) 

At some point in the week, they taught the kids the 14 Declarations of Faith of our denomination.  Savannah won some big award for her cabin b/c she memorized ALL FOURTEEN...word for word!  How funny is that?!  What other (nearly) 12 year old can quote all the theological points of their particular denomination from memory?  By the way, they are listed here if you really want to read them  Yes...I'm serious.  She can quote these now!  She proved it to us on the way home.  The camp made a DVD of highlights during the week & in one part, it had kids trying to name all of these.  They took several kids & asked them to quote as many as they could remember, then they cut the video into segments where each kid was saying 1 of the declarations.  That was the plan anyway.  She was the only one who could say them ALL.  Of the 14, there are other kids saying about 6 of them.  It's kind of funny to watch the video.

All in all, she had a great week!  The video was really fun to watch, so that we could see where our baby was this week & what they were doing.  If you'd like to see the camp where she was, you can check it out here:

After we got home, Larry & I had to unload & rearrange all the stuff we'd loaded up from the church.  We watched Savannah's camp DVD.  We watched Samuel attempt some seriously funny skateboard "tricks".  We ate supper.  The kids bathed.  We vegged out for a while.  And now, it's only 10:15 pm and I am headed to bed!  I'm TIRED.  Time to rest!

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