Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emergency Prayer Request--Larry's dad

Wednesday 1:25pm
Larry just called me.  His dad was having another 'heart spell' & went to the hospital again.  The ER there was concerned enough with his condition that they sent him by ambulance to Tyler to be taken care of at the hospital here.  His cardiologist (who he just saw yesterday for the first time) is meeting them at the ER as soon as he arrives & plans to "direct admit" him.  When Larry's mom called him, the ambulance had already left Palestine & was headed this direction.  Larry's upset & very worried about his dad.
Unfortunately, the last time we got a phone call telling us that one of our family members had left Palestine in an ambulance headed for Tyler, she did not survive (the day of G & Kelly's wreck) so obviously this phone call carried a lot of emotions although the situations are different.
Larry is on his way to the hospital to meet the ambulance now.  He said that the kids & I ought to just stay at the house for now until he knows more about what is going on.  I should know more in the next hour or so.

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kristyloo16 said...

Just checking on things.  I figured if you had any news it would be on here.  We will continue to pray.