Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thurs July 24 Summer day 53

I'm back!!!!!!!!!

As it turns out, we had ELEVEN viruses that killed our computer.  Thankfully, our AWESOME FRIEND, Dillon Timmons was able to 'save' it for us.  He cleaned off the viruses, installed a new virus software for us, even upgraded our very low RAM (we needed it!) and got everything up & running for us again!  YAHOO!  I am soooo glad, too.  The withdrawals were killer.  ha ha!

On the upside, you got a short reprieve from my summer blogging (grin) and got to miss me being a little sappy on a couple of these past few nights without my baby boy at home.  I sure do miss him and am soo ready to see him come home tomorrow afternoon!

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alyssalore said...

Yay! Thank God for good friends! :) I'm glad you're back up & running!
Love, Alyssa