Friday, July 25, 2008

Fri July 25 (Summer day 54)

My baby's home!  We went to the church parking lot at 5:00 this afternoon & waited for the bus to arrive.  I was all antsy & eager to see my boy!  The week has passed quickly, but I was still sort of emotional to see the bus pull up.  They arrived about 5:30.  I met him in the middle of the parking lot & had one of those moments like you see on movies ... you know, when the girl & guy run to each other & jump into each other's arms.  However, we just walked to each other & initially he wanted to play it cool & act like it was no big deal to be home, but when I punched him in the arm & said "stop that & hug me!", he climbed up & clung on to me like crazy & we hugged for a long time.  :)  When I tried to put him down, he didn't want to turn loose.  Man, I missed that!  My snuggleboy is home!!  When we got home, we all sat down & watched the camp DVD together.  He layed by me on the couch & snuggled the whole time.  Awwww!

If you want to see where he was, visit  That is the camp website.  His group of campers can be seen on the "group pictures" page.  Scroll all the way to the bottom.  There are 2 pics--one serious picture & one goofy one.  He's on the front row, kneeling down in the middle.

Thank you to all of you who sent him emails while he was there.  He had a pretty giant stack of messages when he got home today.

My sweet boy survived (& LOVED!) his first week of camp and is excited about going back next year.


mamafaye2 said...

 I'm glad my little snuggle bug is home too and look forward to seeing him tomorrow morning.  I need my hug.        Grandma

alyssalore said...

Awww! *sniff* What a sweet reunion!!! :) Glad your baby's home!
Love, Alyssa