Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20--7:55am

Larry's cell rang at 1am last night.  He said the number on the Caller ID said it was a private number, so he didn't answer it.  The person didn't leave a message, so we figured if it was an emergency, they'd call back or call our house phone.  No one called back in either place, so we blew it off as a fluke thing & went back to sleep.  We know now who that phone call most likely came from.

At 6:45am, the house phone rang.  It was Larry's grandmother.  During the night, Larry's dad went into congestive heart failure.  He called her (she lives across the street) to take him to the hospital because he was feeling bad.  That alone is major because this man does not go to the hospital.  He's even told us of times when he was home alone & "had a little heart attack".  He pops a pill under his tongue & waits for the pain to subside, then goes back to what he was doing.  (Yes, I'm serious.)

Larry's father is an alcoholic & has a thousand other health problems aside from his heart troubles, so congestive heart failure is not good.  Larry said that in his paramedic days, he remembers some patients who lived with CHF for years.  Others did not.  I'm not sure where in that spectrum Jim falls.

Please pray for my father in law this morning.  Jim is not a believer, and that is our ultimate concern.  Everything else is just fluff.  Pray for his health too, but his eternal home is much more important than anything else.

Larry has gone to the town where he lives to check on him.  He asked that the kids & I not go with him for now.  We'll wait to see how he is when Larry gets there.  If he's going to be released, there's no reason for all of us to rush over there.  But if it looks bad, he'll call us to join him at the hospital.  For now, we're at home waiting.  If everything is OK we'll go on to church for the worship service later this morning.

I'll update later when I know more, but for now, join me in praying.

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Praying for your FIL that he will respond to the Lord before it is too late. said...

OH, I am so very sorry to hear this. I will add Jim to my prayer list on my blog and keep him in my thoughts.