Monday, July 14, 2008

Mon July 14, Summer day 43

First of all, before I do anything else, I'd like to say

to my niece, Robyn.  It's hard to imagine that you turned FIVE years old today!  I still remember the day your mom called to tell me she was pregnant...and the day we watched the ultrasound together & found out you were a GIRL!....and the day you were born!  Boy, time passes quickly!  I wish I could be there for your party on Wednesday, but just know that I love you, baby girl!  Happy birthday!!

And now...back to the regular blog.  :)  And by regular I do mean 'regular' stuff.

Today is the 43rd day of summer.  We were watching Phineus & Ferb this afternoon & the theme song played.  You may remember the video of it I posted earlier this summer (if not, sort through the archives & find's a cute song).  Sarah piped up & said "are there really 104 days of summer vacation?".  I told her I was counting them, but I wasn't so sure about the number yet.  I guess we'll see, huh?

I walked through the house today, straightening it up, starting loads of laundry & sighed.  Vacation is really over.  It's so much like the way I feel at the tail end of summer.  Bummed that I have to start getting up at a normal time again.  Sad that I have to give up mid-day naps.  It's like a little kid who drags there feet & shuffles into school half-awake on the first day of school.  I hate to see a restful time go.  And yet.....I yearn for routine & structure & schedules, so I always want what I can't have at the time.  Isn't that just like human nature?

Tomorrow I will get up early & head out the door to a job I adore.  I will meet a new student (she came for the first time last week while I was on vacation...sorry kiddo!).  I will have a BLAST hanging out with the kids at my school.  I will enjoy adult conversations with the other teachers before & after work.  I will hug the necks of all the kids I missed last week.  I will get to play & act silly & read stories & sit in a tiny chair around a really short table, despite the fact that my posterior doesn't exactly FIT those chairs.  I will skip & dance & make an idiot of myself during music time.

And yet, I'm bummed.  I guess that's just the nature of the first day back to work after vacation...even if you have an awesome job!

:::sigh:::  I guess it's time to get back to life.  Which reminds me of this song from when I was in junior high.  tee hee...I have no idea if there is some covert (bad) meaning to the song, but the chorus is about how I feel right now.

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