Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday July 6, Day 36

There is really nothing significant to tell about today.  But tomorrow is the first day of our first ever STAY-Cation.

What is a stay-cation?  Here's a great site to explain it:

Each day from tomorrow (Monday July 7) til next Sunday (July 13), we will visit something locally that we never have time to visit.  Of course, as usual, I won't post details of where we went until after it's done.  (Gotta be safe on the internet, ya know?!)  Don't worry...there will still be pictures & loads of fun details!  See you tomorrow night after our first day of travels!



mamafaye2 said...

  Don't forget to take drinking water with you.  It is hot out in this Texas heat and you get dehydrated easily on everything but plain old, good, cool, water.

nursegirl1994 said...

Have fun stay-cationing.  Hope it wont' be too hot. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.