Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20, Summer Day 49

First, an update on Jim---

Larry spent the morning with his dad & came home around 1:00.  His dad is stable for now & the docs are just sort of buying time til tomorrow when his regular cardiologist can come see him & figure out what course of treatment they'll take.  He has a leaky valve in his heart (he's had it for a while).  Between that and the million other health problems he has, he developed Congestive Heart Failure.  Larry said he didn't really get a "feel" from the docs & nurses who came in while he was there as to the severity of the condition, but for now, they're keeping him in the hospital for more tests & just to watch him.  I guess we'll know more tomorrow after his regular cardiologist comes in to visit him.  Keep him in your prayers.

As to the rest of our day... the kids & I went to church this morning.  I talked to Larry during what is our normal Sunday School hour & felt comfortable leaving the house at that point, so we went to the worship service.  My younger 2 kids go to children's church & Savannah and I snuck into the balcony at church, then ducked out as soon as it was over so we could get home & call Larry for an update.  By that time, he was headed home already.  We all took a short nap this afternoon before getting up & heading back out.  Larry went to the church to work on some things that he missed doing this morning & he stayed for the evening church service.  The kids & I went to Walmart to pick up the last few things that Samuel needed for camp.  He leaves in the morning for church camp with our children's department.  By the time we got done picking up the things we needed, it was past church time, so we stayed home tonight.

Samuel is all packed up now & ready for camp!  This is his first time to go to camp & while he's very excited, he's also a little nervous.  Please pray for him this week -- to not get homesick or scared.  I'm on the fence about him going to camp.  I know he'll love it, but I've never been away from him for this long, so it's going to be hard to say goodbye in the morning.  I suspect there will be tears shed (me, not him).  I can't do that until after the bus pulls away, though.  If he sees me cry, it'll upset him.  So pray that I hold it together til after the bus leaves.  :)

If you know us personally & would like to see the camp where he's going, email me.  I will send you the camp website to peek at.  On the site, you can send him an email while he's there.  He'd love to get lots of messages while he's gone, so let me know if you want to send him one.


nursegirl1994 said...

Sorry to hear about Larry's dad.  I mentioned it to Chris and we will keep him in our prayers. You can also keep praying for us regarding Chris's work. Nothing yet.  

momtobigspenders said...

Praying that Samuel has a WONDERFUL time at camp and that Mom doesn't bust out crying.. Wait until one day they all are at camp at the same time now that is HARD...  I actually had to keep there bedrooms closed cause it was so hard on me..  But the kids have so much fun...  I wish there was a MOMMY camp!