Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fri July 18 & Sat July 19 (Summer days 47 & 48)

Oops!  I missed a day of posting.  I know, I know...for all my readers, I'm sure you were dreadfully concerned about me.  (ha ha...that's a joke in case you missed it)  Seriously, I love writing in my blog.  I'm a writer geek ya know?  I love my job but if I could get paid for the time it would take to sit down & write books instead, I'd do it.  Unfortunately, hubby & I have not figured out how to make that work, so one day when we win the lottery, I'll try to work that out.  (note to self:  buy a lottery ticket...if I'm gonna win, I must buy a ticket)

Ok, so Friday rocked.  Samuel had his last day of day camp at Discovery Science Place.  Feel free to check it out.  It's a really neat local kids' science museum.  Their website is  Our kids have each attended day camp there at some point in the past 5 or 6 years, each one really enjoying it.  The kids get to pick a topic from a list of choices and attend a 1/2 day camp based on that.  Samuel went to a cooking class last summer & LOVED it, so when the topic list came out this year & there was one titled "Cookin' Up Science", he wanted to do that one!  The girls didn't find anything they were interested in trying this year, so he was our only science museum day camper this summer.  He had a lot of fun making different things with his class each day.  If you live locally, I highly recommend their day camps.  They're fun, educational, cheap (as compared to all the other camps & day camps around here) and the kids get to play at the museum as part of their camp time.  Unfortunately, with gas prices continually climbing, I'm afraid that this summer may have been our last to do this.  The museum is about a 25-30 minute drive from our house and once you make that drive round trip 2x/day for 5 days, well, that's a lot of gas.  On top of that, I think we may have exhausted the list of possible class topics that the kids would enjoy.  It seems like the class lists are pretty similar from year to year and I think our kids have each done all the classes they're interested in.  I guess we'll see next year when the camp topic list comes out.  But if we do go next summer, the gas prices are going to have to drop drastically...or we'll be carpooling or something!

When we picked Samuel up from his day camp that afternoon, we dropped off Savannah at a friend's slumber party.  Afterwards, Larry & I took the other kids to my sister's house so we could have a date night!  Earlier this summer, Larry & I decided that we'd try to pull off 1 date night per month during the summer.  I called my sister & asked her to exchange babysitting with me so that she & her husband could also get a couple dates this summer.  She agreed that it was a great idea, wrote my 2 date nights on the calendar & promised to find 2 dates that she and her husband could also go out.  (To date, they've never picked a time...but I'm doing my best to bug her about it, so I am hope she figures out a date soon.  The summer is 1/2 way over, after all!  When school starts, it's way harder for either of us to get a night away.)

Larry & I went to Fazoli's first.  (  We joke about the place because when they first opened, it was billed as "Italian fast food".  Larry said, at the time, "So what does that mean?  Spaghetti on a stick?"  We've come to enjoy going there now & then since that time. 

After eating, we walked to the theater nearby (the entire parking lot was FULL due to the new Batman movie opening).  We saw Get Smart.  It was really cute!  After picking up the kids at my sister's house and heading home and getting them to bed, it was 10:30.  While I did get online to check my emails, I completely zoned out on blogging.  Hopefully you can forgive me.

Today (Saturday) was a day for catching up with housework & such.  Larry went and picked up Savannah from the slumber party while I fed the other two kids & got everyone started on chores.  The majority of my day was spent getting sweaty doing work around the house.  That's ok, though.  That's what Saturdays were made for, right?  I folded a bunch of laundry & organized my closet.  See?

Hey, might be interested in this picture.  Recognize anything?  (hint:  there are actually 2 things you might be interested in seeing)

And yes, that's my laundry area just beyond the back of my closet.

Larry worked outside all day long doing various & assorted yard & car maintenance projects.  Way to go honey!  Thank you for doing all the back breaking hard work so that I can stay inside where the air conditioner is.  I love you for it.

As our day draws to a close, I wanted to share these sweet pictures of my sleeping babies.  I just took the pictures a few minutes ago.  It's always so much fun to watch them sleep.

My big girl, Savannah.  90% of the time this is how I find her--on top of her covers, covered only by a tiny little fleece blanket, with either a book or her gameboy or Nintendo DS by her side.  Silly goose.

And my sweet boy, Samuel.  During the summer, they all love to sleep in the same room.  Some nights they get to watch a movie for a while til they all konk out.  Tonight was a Kim Possible DVD night.  He doesn't mind sleeping on the floor at all.  I, on the other hand, would not be able to stand up by morning if I slept on the hard floor like that.  (Aunt you see what he's laying on?  It's still one of his favorites!)

My sweet Sarah.  She zonks out 5 seconds after her head hits the pillow.  Sweet baby girl!

Saturday is over.  It's late & I need to hit the pillows.  Tomorrow will be full.  We'll go to church and then finish getting Samuel packed up for camp---his first time ever to go to overnight camp!!  He's going to have a BLAST!  Email me privately if you'd like to send him a message (via the camp website) while he's there.  He'd get a kick out of getting lots of emails each night at mail call!   :::yawn:::  The bed is calling my name.  Goodnight.

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mamafaye2 said...

  I found one of the "things" in the closet, but can't figure out what the second one is.  Clue please!  
  The matching comforters I made the girls show up in the pictures of them sleeping.         MOM