Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review: Stumbling Into Grace by Lisa Harper

A couple of years ago, I attended a Women of Faith event in Houston, TX and was introduced to Lisa Harper for the first time. (Well, not literally introduced. But wouldn't that be cool??!!) I had been to other WOF events in the past, but Lisa was a new speaker for me in 2009. I loved every moment of her talks on stage, so I knew I'd enjoy this book! While our lives are very different, our hearts & minds are very similar. Lisa is one of those women that I think would be a fun party guest for my girlfriends slumber party. (You know...the same one where I'll invite Angie Smith & Beth Moore & Patsy Clairmont, Priscilla Shirer & Jennifer Rothschild to come hang out. If you don't know who those ladies are, look them up. They are all AWESOME authors & speakers.) So anyway, I have this book......

I began reading it a couple of weeks ago & have read it in bits & pieces. I've read it in bed at night before I doze off. I've read it while I'm at work, doing lunch duty for the teacher down the hall. I've read it on the treadmill when I'm working out. Anytime I can quietly get a chapter or two in is great! And you know what? I love this book!

Stumbling Into Grace has the subtitle "Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman". I love that! What woman among us wouldn't claim to feel like a spiritually clumsy person now & then? Lisa weaves her personal stories of silliness or embarrassing moments throughout the book, always drawing the reader back to God's truth in Scripture. She eloquently takes stories from the Bible & adds a creative touch here & there to make them more understandable & applicable to our lives today, while never distracting from the original meaning, characters and motive. Ms. Harper's writing is so funny & fresh! You can't help but laugh...or cry... or laugh until you cry! The book is sort of like reading the author's diary, seeing into her private life & her heart and then seeing how God reels her back to Him over & over and points out truth to bring Him glory with her life. Even when life doesn't look like she'd like it to!

Each chapter ends with some questions that could be used in a small group setting, or just for further study with an individual reader. I thoroughly enjoyed this book & strongly recommend it for Christian women. It's a light, easy read with a lot of meat.

P.S. I think the cover of this book should get a prize for one of the cutest covers ever!

Note: This review was written for Booksneeze, a blogger book review program for Thomas Nelson publishers. I received a copy of this book for free in return for my honest review. To find out more about Booksneeze, click the button in the righthand column, or visit

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