Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A wee praise report

For several years now, our finances have been in horrible shape. I think all of you know that. No big secrets there. I've been pretty honest about that on this blog. I hope that other people who are struggling financially can read my posts & gain a little hope and can relate & know they're not alone. We barely make enough each month to cover our regular bills so when any little thing happens that requires money, it throws our checkbook for a loop. We've tried to build up a savings account for these sort of things, but inevitably, about the time we build up a little money, something dies, falls apart, crashes, breaks, or gets sick and we have to use our savings for that. I realize that's EXACTLY WHAT IT'S FOR, but before we can build it back up, something else hits. It feels like we just can't get ahead! But we try. And we will keep trying! {Note: Larry & I both have jobs. I actually have about 5 jobs---childcare at several local churches, my regular job during the school year plus a summer job. Larry has a VERY demanding job that requires about a million hours a week. We work hard and take care of the house & kiddos as well. So if you don't know our story, please do not comment on this post about how we should work harder or whatever other mean & nasty things that might be said.}

Back in July, we got a huge amount of help that SHOULD HAVE repaired all the trouble & gotten us into a position to be OK from that point on, assuming nothing else happened that required extra funds. Unfortunately August was an awful month filled with one trial after another. The van battery died, the dog needed a minor eye surgery, Sarah had to go to the doctor, Larry's truck battery died, the exterminator had to come spray the house, the kids needed a few items for school clothes, there were all the expenses that go along with a new school year (joining PTO, buying the class Tshirt for field trips & such, etc....) and on & on & on & on. You get the idea. It really messed up the bank account & whammo....we were just about right back in the same place we started. Very frustrating. When you see no end in sight, it really wears on you.

This morning I told Larry that we needed to skip something we had been planning to do on Friday. It was a disappointment for both of us, but it just makes sense. We need to save the money. He was really bummed & said that our financial situation just seems so hopeless. I reminded him that we can't praise God 23 hours a day for all the blessings of life & then in the 1 hour that we're having a tough time, start cursing Him. We are living a very difficult season of life right now (where our finances are involved anyway--everything else is pretty terrific!) and it can be very hard to keep focused where we should. He understood & agreed, but trusting God to handle all the little details scares him to death. (and to be honest, it scares me a little sometimes, too!)

And here's where the praise report comes in:
After talking to him about all that this morning before work, I started praying while I drove to work. I prayed for provision, for peace, for rest from the worries. I praised God for HIS timing (not mine). I prayed that He would MAKE ME relax until His timing was right for Him to show us how He would care for our needs. I was praying & asking for God to provide additional income when the song Praise You in this Storm came to mind. I began singing it while I drove, alternating between singing & praying.

While those prayers were still on my lips, my cell phone's text alert buzzed. It was the senior pastor's wife from a local church calling to ask if I could do childcare Sunday night. YES! I whispered my thank yous to Jesus & continued my drive to work. Less then 10 min later, moments after I got to work, my phone buzzed again. It was another friend who is the Children's Ministry Director at another local church. She asked if I could do childcare for them Friday night. YES! (Of course, if we had not cancelled the Friday night plans, I would've had to say no....coincidence? NOPE!)

I was already scheduled to do childcare at 2 other churches on 2 other nights this week. I know it won't amount to tons of $$, but it's something! It'll put gas in the van or some food on the table or will help pay a bill! I love how quickly He works sometimes... How fast He answers prayers....How speedy He is to say "here ya go". Of course, I'm still waiting on His timing for the rest of our financial issues, but I trust that He will work all that out. No idea if we'll be able to pull off a positive balance on October 1st (it's not looking promising right now), but I know He will provide everything we need!!

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