Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's that time of the week again! Every Friday, I 'dump out' all the pictures in my cell phone onto my blog. Follow me through my week with pictures. I'd love for you to join in over on your blog. Feel free to use my picture above (right click & save to your computer) or create your own. If you do a Friday Phone Dump post on your blog, link back here & comment so I can come over and see your pictures, too!

A few days ago, on my way home from delivering the kids to their schools, I looked up & saw this amazing sunrise. I love it when the sun is hidden partially behind clouds & you see all the individual sunbeams shining out around it. Beautiful!

And then tonight, on my way to the grocery store, I just happened to catch another glorious view of the sun. But this time, it was setting & the clouds looked so cool! I had to snap a pic!

Of course, it may have impressed me more because I was listening to this CD & having some worship time in the van on the way to the store. Being in that worshipful mode tends to make me recognize the hand of God in everything around me a little more than usual.

All of my kids have written a letter to the President at one time or another about whatever issue was on their mind. Sarah wrote to President Obama a month or two ago & has been anxiously awaiting a response! When I got the mail today and found a package to her from the White House, I knew she'd be ecstatic! I took it with me when I picked her up from school, to surprise her as soon as she got into the car. She was so happy!!

And umm... this particular reaction might or might not have been posed since mom wasn't ready with her camera when she FIRST got the package in her hands. Note the envelope is turned around backward LOL!

This book I'm reading is hilarious. It's got the longest title in the world and I'm only a couple of chapters into it, but it's a hoot! It's by Jen Lancaster, and judging by the titles listed on her Amazon page, all of her books bear a bit of an edgy, sarcastic, cynical fun. They're probably not ALL something I'd want to read, but this one is a lot of fun so far. It's called Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big Or, Why Pie is Not the Answer. I wouldn't typically pick out a book with a cuss word in the title, but it cracked me up when I bought it at a garage sale weeks ago.

If you can't see this one clearly, click on it to make it bigger. This little letter to the makers of Ben & Jerry's icecream was in the intro to the book. See why I'm enjoying it?

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a virtual shoe store next to their front door. We are barefoot people over here, going without shoes probably 99% of the time, but no one ever said to kick them off at the door and leave them there forever! (Of course, one of those pairs of shoes might possibly be mine.)

I am so ready for Fall to come to Texas. We're still routinely seeing these temps in the afternoons. It was 92 when I came home from the grocery store tonight at 9:30pm! It's mid September. Isn't it time for cooler weather yet?

In the event of a fire, this might just be one of my items that I grab on the way out of the house. You know, after I grab the kids, the CPU to the computer, my wedding album & purse. Ya know...priorities & all. This couponing mama may not save 80% of her bill or anything crazy cool like that, but I take a handful of coupons with me EVERY time I go to the store. Gotta save everywhere you can these days!!

Poor Sarah. Nothing like a little gravel rash on your leg after recess. She came home with about 3 gallons of Neosporin slathered all over her leg.

I eat lots of yogurt!! There are 8 Yoplaits & 3 Activias in there this week. Yum!!

We're all just tiny bit OCD over here. least 3 out of 5 of us are. My girls 'get' me. This was Sarah's way of eating Reese's Pieces. Gotta line them up & divide 'em up by color first. Duh!

This is the best I could do for a self-portrait this week. Perhaps since you're not LISTENING to me, but READING my words, I should've taken a pic of my fingers. Ha ha! Oh well. Imagine this mouth saying "thank you for reading my blog!"

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