Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's that time of the week again! If you'd like to join me on your blog with a Friday phone dump, feel free to use my image above, or create your own! ( is a great site to create fun pictures with!) If you share your phone pictures on your blog, make sure to link back here and comment & let me know so I can take a peek at your week!

And without further adieu, here's my week in pictures!

Last Saturday, between chores, I cleaned out all our family's games. Some got to stay, others were culled out. Savannah & I played a quick game of Connect Four before it got put back into the box & determined to be a "keeper".

Sarah is a such a shoe lover. She's going to make some man really poor one day spending their monthly income on shoes. ha ha! One day last week, Larry's boots were in the living room & he asked her to go put them in his closet for him. Instead of carrying them, she wore them.

One of my very favorite blog authors wrote this book. I pre-ordered it months ago when she first announced that she had written another book. I was so tickled to see it show up in the mail this week! I'm looking forward to reading it!

Today, for the first time in years, I wore a belt. I realize that's not a major thing to most people, but for us big girls who cover our waistline (or lack thereof) with untucked, flowy shirts 100% of the time, it IS a big deal. Probably 99% of the time I have absolutely no need for a belt, because after all, I don't exactly have pants that are falling off my skinny hips. But these capris I was wearing today were sliding down over & over! I sincerely doubt it is the 10 lbs I've lost since January. I know I'm still FARRRRRRRRR from being a "twig", but it gave this plus size girl a little lift to be in need of a belt! I had to lift my shirt up & pull it back so you could see the belt & the fact that I do, indeed, have a waist. You'll have to pardon the fact that it was a silly self-portrait sort of thing in the bathroom mirror.....but look! I'm wearing a belt!!! (if you wear a size 12 or smaller, you don't even have to comment on this ha ha)

Tonight, I had to make a quick run to the store for some breakfast items for the kids. I find it funny that my 10, 11 & 15 year olds all still find the lobster tank in the meat market amusing. Of course, I think they're kind of cool to watch, too, so maybe it's not so odd that they all still enjoy it! :)

That's it for this week. silly/serious/funny/etc self portrait. I'll do better next week!

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Kelly England said...

Hahaha! My youngest Emily ALWAYS begs me everytime we are in Brookshires to let her see the "Monsters"...a.k.a. Lobsters! LOL!
P.S. Any positive change in clothes fitting is awesome! Ways to go!!