Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your dream vacation?
For many, many years I always answered this question with "I'd love to take my family to Disneyworld." I had gone when I was a kid & dreamed of taking my kiddos one day. In 2007, our very sweet & generous friends in CA flew us out there to be a part of their son's Bar Mitzvah so while we were there, we went to Disneyland. And since then, Savannah has been to Disneyworld w/ the HS band. So... I'm not sure what the dream destination is now. Honestly, I love to go just about anywhere with my crew, so I'll take a vacation anywhere!

2. What has been your favorite trip so far in your life?
That's hard to say. I'm very blessed in that I travelled a lot as a kid/teen. Our family took a summer vacation SOMEWHERE every single year as I grew up. And as a teen, I went to a lot of amazing places on mission trips. And then since marriage/kids entered my life about 20 years ago, I've been to a few cool places, but those trips were just awesome because I had my family with me. I've been to a lot of great places over the years. Too many to choose one place!

3. If you and one of your best friends could go anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be and why?
Larry & I would take a few days & stay in a tropical, beautiful place.....then the other days we'd go stay in a mountain cabin. (See? I can't pick where travelling is concerned!)

4. Have you ever booked a trip using an online deal? How did it go?
We've planned trips using online reservations/ticket purchases, etc....but not a "deal" per se. No travel agent site sort of things.

5. What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re on vacation?
Relax. Eat the food there (because it's calorie-free when you're on vacation, ya know?!). Sleep. Go swimming (beach or a hotel pool...whatever!). Just hang out.

6. Have you ever missed an opportunity to take a trip that you regret?
Yes. There were mission trips I didn't go on as a teen.

7. You travel far away from home and get stranded with no way to buy anything, what’s the one thing you can’t live without?
a pillow

8. What’s one of your favorite traveling memories?
Laughter. Lots & lots of laughter on EVERY trip. It's always way up at the top of the list, no matter how many scenic views we see & no matter how many touristy-locations we visit. The joy on each trip is all that matters.

9. All included resort or backpacking? Why?
Duh. I'm a hotel kind of girl, so the all inclusive resort!

10. Are you more of a lie on the beach kind of person on vacation, or do you prefer to see the sights?
a little of both

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