Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's that time of the week again! Follow me through my week in pictures from my cell phone! Join in on your blog. You can use my picture above (right click & save to your computer) or create your own. Then link back here & comment so I will know to check your blog too!

This first one is a follow up to last week's pic of the apple dumpling syrup that I was cooking. The finished product was A-MA-ZING! Can't wait for Fall so I can cook these again & have them actually fit the proper season. (Of course, I can come up with all sorts of excuses to cook these between now & then. Perhaps I should practice making them many times so that I can perfect them by the time that it really feels like Fall around here!)

Most weekday mornings, this is my early morning view. (Probably a good thing after eating the apple dumpling in the last picture!!)

I was super excited to get this package in the mail this week. Want to guess what was in it? A well known Christian musical artist who grew up right here in my little town & went to the same church as my family just put out a new CD. You can read about it HERE. I was so excited to get my CD in the mail this week!! Yahoo!!

Yeah. It's still hotter than the surface of the sun in Texas.

I went grocery shopping today. After 2 very hard months, seeing a full fridge makes me so very happy. Lowfat milk, eggs, lots of fruits & veggies, yogurt, cheese, chicken breasts, and juice (a treat for my kids!) and more.

And every time I close that door, I see these sweet faces. They're never too far from my heart.
The pic of Andrew on the 'Sarah' magnet is him with our school mascot at Christmas of 2006. The other two are their school pictures from 07-08 (or maybe 08-09?). I haven't gotten a new one from them since, so these are pretty sweet treasures.

And speaking of treasures...right beside my fridge door in the door that leads to my master bedroom. Kourtney drew/colored these pictures for me shortly before they moved out & hung them up. I've never moved them to another location.

On Monday, Sarah had a really tough morning, filled with anxiety & stress. I walked her into school & stayed with her until she was calm enough to stay without me. Her day got better, due in large part to the HUGE number of people praying for her. (I asked for prayers on my Facebook page and lots of people committed to praying for her to feel better.) The next day I went to eat lunch with her. She made me this cute foil heart from the foil I wrapped her quesadilla in.

I may have snuck Dr. Pepper into the school to share with my 5th grader. Yum!

Sarah took these pictures of me...

And I took this one of her...

On Thursday, Samuel came home from school mid-day with a low grade fever, headache & tummy ache. You can tell where he spent most of his day.

But by this morning, he was a whole new kid! He slept until 9:00am (late for him) and woke up feeling great. Unfortunately because he had fever yesterday, he could not return to school today so he was home again.

Sometimes sick (or recovering) boys need a special treat to share with their mama.

And of course, Sarah's weekly silly face pictures!! (I'm kinda surprised there were only 2 this week!)

And to close out the post, here is your weekly self portrait of me! Have a great week!

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