Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's Friday!! Time to empty all the pictures from your phone to your blog! Link back here when you share your pictures & leave me a comment so I can see your pics. Feel free to use my picture (above--right click & save to your computer) or create your own Friday Phone Dump picture.

One night last week, Sarah went with me to a local church where I do childcare to help. This little guy got attached to her really quick & became her best friend for the night. When she sat down with him in her lap & he cuddled up with her, I had to get a picture. How sweet is this???

On Monday night, I cooked a new (to us) dish. It was a spinach ravioli lasagna. This was right after I pulled it out of the oven.

And this was about 15 minutes later. Think they liked it?

On my way to the grocery store tonight, the sun was blinding...but so pretty!

While I was in Walmart, I saw this. I got a little choked up. I mean come on.... nothing says "Let's welcome the season of celebrating the birth of Jesus" like an inflatable Santa who peeks out of his outhouse.

Good grief, folks. Seriously? Could we make Texas look any MORE redneck?

Oh wait. Maybe we can.

I was waiting in a line of cars & saw this. In case you can't see it clearly, it says "BEX TOY". Ok, really? Maybe her husband's name is Beck or Beckett. Or maybe one of those is their last name & people call her husband by his last name....and she's his "toy", I guess? But, really? Classy.

They were having some sort of cowboy day at school today, so Savannah had me braid her hair & she wore her dad's cowboy hat. She looked pretty cute, so I snapped a picture before school this morning!

One morning this week, I took this pic as I ended my session on the bike at the gym. I went 5.8 miles that morning.

Of course, I spent the entire time staring at this sign on the wall, directly in front of my bike. I had to laugh & posted this picture to Facebook that day with the caption " problem." My usual time limit is 25-30 minutes. I will never be one of those people who spends 90 minutes on the bike or treadmill. Aside from the fact that I'd fall off & die after that long, I'd get bored!!!

I actually got 2 self portraits for you this week to make up for not getting one taken last week. Of course, the first one was taken while trying to entertain a 19 month old last night. ha ha!

This one's a little better.

Have a great week & don't forget to link me to your blog when you share your pictures!

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