Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank you God, for girlfriends.

Yesterday, while reading in this book

I found this little tidbit.

I sat in the classroom where I was watching students during another teacher's lunchbreak biting my lip, trying to keep the tears from trickling down my cheeks. Not because this tiny little bit made me sad, but because I recognized them. I recognized my closest friends in the sentiment.

The part that 'defines' true community (friendship): a wee tribe of people who will cheer for us, not necessarily because we're good, but because they claim us as theirs.

I can't tell you how many of my closest girlfriends know my dirt. The nitty gritty. The ugly. The messy stuff. The dark stuff that I don't advertise to the world. And they love me. They cheer for me when I get things right. They pat me on the back & tell me that they know I hate that I've messed up again when I fall down. They put their arms under mine & help me up, they dust me off & they pray for me. They point me in the right direction. They give me Scriptures to chew on. They care & they love me. Not because I'm all good & perfect, but because they call me their friend. And when there is honesty in a friendship, especially good girlfriendships.... don't let it go.

Thanking God tonight for putting so many girlfriends in my life.

Bethany L, Tara S, Kristi P, all my girlfriends at CC, Kathy F & Amber B come to mind most readily, but there have been (& continue to be) so many others who knew me intimately in various seasons of life and made me who I am today. Thank you for loving me, ladies.

I know I've shared it before but over & over I've watched this video with a Kleenex in hand. I suggest you do the same. I dedicate it to you, ladies.

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Tara and Ryan said...

Thank you sweet friend! I needed this-you are such a true friend. I praise our most gracious Father that He gave me sisters that love and encourge me. You are a true sister in every form of the word. Thanks for loving me, esp when I dont deserve it. Thanks for giving me hugs and love and for all those last minute requests I send your way, you always comply and go above and beyond. Thanks for welcoming me into "Liz's World" on a level that I never dreamed. I am AMAZED more and more at God's grace for me. What a mighty God we serve!