Thursday, September 1, 2011

Since we started school........

It occurred to me tonight that we've been back in school for almost 2 weeks and I don't think I've blogged about school stuff yet. Oops! Let's see if I can fill in some blanks.

Savannah is in 10th grade this year. She's still in band and loves it. She's not overly thrilled about the once a week evening practices or having to march & get sweaty during 1st period every day, but she loves it just the same. She is also on the high school newspaper staff. She's looking forward to the UIL events this Spring. She'll be the journalism team captain this year and she's super happy about that, already making plans about the little treats & goodies she will give to those on her team.

Samuel is the 6th grade this year. He spent most of the summer practicing with a combination lock for his new locker at school this Fall. But........... when we went to Meet the Teacher before school started, we found out that they had to remove locker privileges this year for safety's sake. Apparently all the lockers are in one hallway & with 200-300 kids all trying to get into & out of their lockers between classes, kids were getting trampled & it was just too congested. Sam was pretty bummed about that. He had planned to be in band, but decided after 1 week that it was not his 'thing' and he switched to choir. He's really enjoying that.

Sarah is in the 5th grade & has the same teachers that Samuel had last year. She has really been suffering with anxiety stuff since school start so today she took her first dose of an herbal/natural anxiety medicine. We're going to give it a week or two & see if it helps any. If not, we're going to take her to see the same doctor Savannah sees for her anxiety issues. I hate to see them suffer & try to cope with this yucky illness! Outside of the anxiety stuff, Sarah is doing great in her final year of elementary school. Her teacher has asked me to be the Room Mom this year, so I will start that soon. I'm looking forward to it!

Work has been great for me! Not much to say there....just grateful I have a job with so many layoffs happening nationwide!

I suppose that's about it. How is your new school year going??

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