Thursday, September 1, 2011

Funny Blog Stats

Every now & then I take a peek at the blog stats that Blogger keeps up with for me. I find them both really COOL and really WEIRD. Just check out some of the keywords people used in search engines to find my blog.

Justin Bieber after haircut Ok, so I suppose this was from the post where I talked about Samuel's haircut.
Bad Christian Advice I actually wrote a blog with that title...
Printable Menu Planner Yes, I use one of those & have mentioned it on the blog.
books about heaven Hmmm...yeah, I can see how that could've led a person to my blog
"How to make a handicap sign for the car" WHAT?????????????

And, umm....who do I know that lives in Slovenia, Denmark, Australia, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia & Germany? I'm honored that international guests repeatedly come to read my blog, but I'm curious how they found me.

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