Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?
I assume this is not asking for something like Cozumel or Bermuda. 'Cause while those places would be amazing, my usual escape is the bathtub full of bubbles...or sitting right here in front of my computer....or curled up on my pillows taking a nap. Usually "escape" for me means that I am still in the house, just away from everyone else.

2. What shows are you watching this fall?
Umm...nothing in particular. Whatever is on when I walk through the living room. Honestly, I'm more invested in Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up Chicago than any "grown up" shows right now.

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?
I THINK the longest road trip I've ever been on was the 1500+ miles (one way) trip home from Los Angeles in 2007.

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?
I took them to Disneyland on that trip in '07. Maybe one day we'll go to Orlando for them to see the "other" Disney park.

5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?
I'm pretty much as "what you see is what you get" sort of gal. Not too many secrets with me. If you're curious about something, ask me.

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