Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spread the word & join in!

Hey friends!!! Here at Liz's World, I try to make sure & honor Thanksgiving in a big way every year. I do this because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Every other holiday seems to be messed up in some way. There is some fictional mascot or the focus is about presents & candy or selfishness is glorified in some other way. But no one has messed up Thanksgiving yet. So this year, I'll be focusing on thankfulness & giving here at the blog and I would LOVE for you to join in! Here's what is going to happen.

#1 The big GIVE
While Thanksgiving is about being THANKFUL, it's also about GIVING. Starting 1 month prior to Thanksgiving (October 24th), I'm going to give away 1 thing every day. I realize that with the economy like it is, many of us don't have the funds to go buy new things to give away. (But by all means, if you do, feel free to do that!!) I'd be willing to bet that ALL of us have at least 30 items around the house that we need to get rid of. Books, office supplies, dishes, bedding, old towels & rags, even those groceries at the back of the pantry that you're never going to use! Whether it means handing them to a friend who needs them or packing them up & delivering them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or a local church to share with a family in need. Whatever way you go about it is up to you! So come on, GIVE!!!!!! Consider the impact a community of friends, neighbors & bloggers can have in the month leading up to Thanksgiving if we all share the blessings in our lives with others!

NOTE: The spirit of giving is NOT to gain fame or praise for it. If you choose to give anonymously, please do not post about it on your blog, facebook, emails, etc!

#2 Today I'm grateful for.......

Also starting 1 month before Thanksgiving, I am going to post daily about 1 thing I am thankful for. We (all) have a habit of whining about what we don't like or what we don't have, but how often do you slow down & just say THANK YOU? Now is your chance.

PLEASE spread the word about our Thanksgiving "projects" & join me on your blog! If you don't have a blog, share about it on Facebook or just by emails to your friends. You can link this blog post if you'd like to. If you're going to do either of the above (The Big Give or Today I'm Grateful for...) on your blog, let me know. I'd love to hear how you're blessing others and what you're thankful for.

Feel free to 'steal' either of my pictures above for use on your blog/facebook/emails, etc.


Val said...

Sounds good to me!! I will try my best to do the same thing!!

whodaresbetrue said...

What great ideas, Liz! I am contemplating and will let you know what I decide to do, on my blog or otherwise. :)

be blessed...

Rachel said...

Hi Liz,
I am loving these ideas! I already posted on my blog that I will be joining you! One thing I hope you don't mind is that I suggested maybe we could give of our time as well for people like me who don't have a whole lot in the material things/money. Since I am just starting out my new life as a single person I do not have anything to spare but I do have time and I am going to try and spread some giving that way! Thanks for starting this, I needed something to remind me of all I have in this world to be grateful for! You are the best!!

Nikki said...

Wonderful idea, this will keep us all grounded and keep things in perspective. I too will joining on my blog!! YAY, what fun! Love what you said about the other holidays, lol. :-)