Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

What did you do this week? Show me in pictures on your blog! Link back here & post a comment so I can come over to your blog and take a peek at your Friday Phone Dump! Here's my week in pictures.

Last Saturday morning, our town's local annual festival culminated with a big parade. The high school band marched in it, so we were seated on the roadside nearly an hour before it was planned to start, waiting to cheer for Savannah. I took this picture & posted it to Facebook with the caption "Good morning, Mr. Sun. Where is your dimmer switch?" Gosh it was bright!

After the parade, I took off my shoes & found this. I think it's the only tan line I've had all year long. Even after the blazing 110+ degree summer we had. And here we are in mid-October & I spent a few hours at a parade & get this! ha ha!

Sarah decided we need some Halloween/Fall decorations and created this earlier this week. It's hanging on the outside of our front door. I've since put up the "real" Fall decorations, but I couldn't take this down! It's on the door just below the Fall wreath.

On Wednesday nights, I do childcare at my church. This week, these were two of the sweeties I got to hang out with.

On Wednesday afternoon when I got home from work, I found a stack of hand me down pants for Samuel on the porch with an embroidered kitchen towel with our family's last initial on it. I figured my mom, the avid garage saler had left them for us. That's not an uncommon thing for her to do. So I called & asked. wasn't her. I texted a neighbor with a son who is Samuel's age & asked if she'd left the pants. Nope, it wasn't her either. I have no idea where the pants came from, so I posted to my Facebook page that I was thankful for the Magical Fairy who left pants on our porch. ha ha!

On Thursday I got home from work & had been here a little while before a friend texted me & told me to go look on my porch. I went and looked & found all of this (picture below). I wrote & asked her who it was from & she told me she couldn't tell. (I don't think it was the same person who left the pants the previous day.) So I posted to facebook again & thanked my "porch fairy". Pretty overwhelmed with gratitude this week.

A few weeks ago, I started noticing something sweet when I went to pick up the kids from school. At Savannah's school, there is a boy who stands off to himself, away from the crowd of kids. At first I thought it was kind of sad that no one was standing with him. But after a few days of seeing him standing under the trees that line the driveway, I realized how cool he really is. He always has in his earbuds & is listening to music. He's a loner type for sure. After a week or so of watching him, I noticed that he stands still & watches for his ride most of the time, but if you're watching at just the right time, you'll see him start to dance. A little head bob, some footwork now & then, a sway or maybe some hand motions. Now and then his eyes close as he really takes in the music. It tickles me to see him do this because he has no idea I'm watching him.

Dear Loner Kid at the HS, keep being yourself. I love to watch you.

See him under the tree?
This is what happens when you're holding your phone with the camera turned on, zoomed in & ready while you wait to take the pic just above this. You get the symbol on the steering wheel if you're not careful! ha ha!

Speaking of our van, I love it. I really, really do. But it's got the goofiest electrical system. For a while, the "ESC Off" light came on at random times & would stay on for a while, then shut back off. (It's currently off.) A week or so after we bought the van, the airbag light would come on now & then & then go back off on its own. This week, the tire pressure sensor light came on for the left front tire. I panicked & had Larry come meet me to check my tires & see if I had one that had suddenly gone flat. He checked it. It was perfectly fine & the air pressure exactly matched the other 3 tires. Within a few hours, it looked like this. And today, it's not showing the right front tire anymore. You really just never know with this van. ha ha!

Sometimes I just can't help but snap a picture. The sky & these clouds looked so pretty to me! Like puffy cotton balls hanging in the sky!

A couple of nights ago, I couldn't get to sleep. It was after 1:00am when I took these next 2 pictures. I was laying in bed playing with my phone & took this first picture of my view from under the covers. My bedside lamp was lighting the room, so that's why it's grainy & dim looking.

And hmm....I wonder if Larry will kill me for taking a picture of him while he was asleep & then posting it to my blog. Only one way to find out! (giggle) I love you, sweetie!

And this week's self-portrait, taken at 1:00am on the same night as the insomniac pictures above. Don't ya love my bedtime hairdo? I always yank it up on the top of my head at bedtime. So pretty. (ha ha!)

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