Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update on Larry

I know the majority of you follow me on Facebook, so you've already heard this. But just in case:

Larry entered the hospital about 4:00 on Thursday for the bowel obstruction. At that point, I sent a text to Facebook to start up the prayers from my 1000+ friends. The doctor told us that Larry would be in the hospital for 3-5 days minimum.

About 27 hours later, I walked out the front door of the hospital with my husband. The obstruction that should've taken 3 times that to 'clear' was GONE already!

If you don't believe in the healing power of prayers, you should.

Larry is home, feeling fine. He's a little weaker than before & a little tired. He'll have to eat liquid/soft foods for a few days. But outside of that, he's great!

THANK YOU for the prayers & emails & texts & inbox messages on Facebook and wall posts on Facebook, etc. I love my sweet online family!

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