Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Phone day late

I got a stomach virus last night & went to bed at 9:15. So I'm a day late on the Friday Phone Dump. This is the time of the week that you can follow me through my week in pictures. I don't have many to share this time. I guess I wasn't doing a lot of picture taking this week! Join me over on your blog & link back here. If you do, comment so I can come check out your Friday Phone Dump post!

I've learned that with the boy child, it's often not worth asking 'why?'. I found this after he got out of the shower earlier this week. Do any of you drink a bottle of water while you shower?

I love how God so quickly provides. This morning we took a giant leap of faith & this afternoon in the mail, we got a 'safe driver check' from our insurance company! It's just a drop in the bucket, but I am excited by it! He amazes me every day!

This is the lunchbox Larry carries to work when he forgets to bring his lunchbox home. I'm kinda mean like that. (grin)

Will Fall ever come to Texas?

Do you recognize this perfume bottle? A few years ago, Sarah got a gift box full of little sample-sized bottles of perfumes from a lady at church. She's finished all the bottles off but this one smells SO good even now. I would love to figure out what kind of perfume this is & buy a bottle. Anyone know?

And this week's self portrait for ya!

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