Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daisy Update

I went to work this morning, worried about what the vet would find when Larry took Daisy in. After doing some internet research last night, we were really concerned about all the possibilities. There were so many things that looked quite possible/probable and all of them required some pretty costly treatment. As much as we love our pets, we are also realistic that we're a lower income family & can't afford expensive treatments, surgeries, long-term medicines & such for our animals. That's the one downside to having pets---they're nearly as costly as having another child!

Before I left for work this morning, Larry & I had a talk with the kids about our options if the vet were to say that it would take hundreds & hundreds of dollars on surgeries and medicines to "fix" Daisy. We wanted them to understand that if it came down to feeding THEM or fixing Daisy, we might have to consider putting Daisy to sleep instead. Of course we didn't want to even have to THINK about that, but we wanted to be realistic with them. They understood. We knew it was a worst case scenario sort of thing, but we wanted them to understand if Larry did not come back home with Daisy.

Since our vet is about 1/4 mile from where I work, I asked Larry to stop by my school & let me know what the doc said when he left there...so when he showed up at the front door without Daisy, I panicked. Had he had to have her put to sleep??? Fortunately, that wasn't the case. The doctor wasn't at the office yet, so he had to leave her with them & let the doctor check her out later. I had him call the house & tell the kids immediately so they wouldn't react the same way I had when he came home without Daisy!

We found out later in the morning that the doctor found a foreign body in Daisy's eye. This afternoon, the vet gave Daisy a little light sedation & removed a piece of "plant matter", possibly a little piece of a sticker burr, from her eye. He said we'd have to wait until she was fully awake to take her home -- able to get up & walk around on her own. At 5:00 this afternoon, she was still so groggy that they didn't feel comfortable sending her home yet, so she's spending the night at the vet & will be ready to come home in the morning.

Hallelujah! So glad she's OK and it was nothing 'major'! Can't wait to pick her up in the morning. I know she's got to be very confused, wondering why we haven't come back to rescue her! I'm going to take some treats with me when I pick her up. I know she'll be glad to get out of the doc's office!! I can't help but wonder if she is laying there tonight, wondering if we've given her up. Since we adopted her from the humane society, where she'd spent a month or so in a cage before we took her home, is she seeing the cage she's in tonight & wondering if we took her back? :(

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