Friday, August 19, 2011

I LOVE.....

1. I love that my kids are old enough now that I can run a quick errand without having to load everyone up to go with me every single time. While they don't stay alone after dark and not for lengthy periods during the day yet, they are capable of a few hours here & there. What freedom for this mommy!

2. I have found myself daydreaming about workouts. And in those moments I think to myself "Who are you?" Really, who would've EVER thought that I would get 'into' exercise. I will admit, I still try to cut corners, hit the cool down button on the treadmill/bike a minute or two early sometimes. I still hate to be hot & I hate to sweat. I will never be a "gym rat" type. But I have finally (after nearly a year of consistently working out) reached a point that I enjoy it. I enjoy that it's some quiet, private time for me and I'm doing something beneficial for my health. (And although it's taken nearly 9 months to do it, I've actually lost 10-11 lbs--depending on the day.)

3. I love LOUD music in my van. Especially when I'm alone and can sing along or drum the steering wheel & dash board as I drive.

4. My husband (and I'm not just saying this because tomorrow is our anniversary). Seriously, this guy is amazing! How did I get so lucky?

5. Reading. Maybe that makes me a dork. I don't care. Give me a bubble bath & a good book ANY DAY after a night out with just about anyone.

6. My minivan. Again, maybe that makes me a dork, but I'm ok with it. I've never been non-dorky so why start now? (And it helps that my van has power everything. I always said I didn't want a car with all that, but it's so much fun to have a sunroof that my kids can stand up & stick their head out of when we're driving SLOWLY down our street, almost home.)

7. Pictures. When I go to someone's house, one of the first things that draws me in is a stack of photo albums or framed pictures around their house & on the walls. I could totally make a night of sitting on the couch next to a friend & going through a million old photo albums, seeing them or their kids from years before.

8. Football season. I don't really care about the game on the field, but I love the atmosphere. I love the bad-for-you concession stand nachos & giant Dr. Peppers. I love watching my baby girl march on the field with the band. It starts next weekend! I'm ready with my school Tshirt!

9. My bed. I've been up past midnight every night this week, watching the bank website for a particular deposit. I think that all finally caught up with me last night. I was in bed by 10:45 (early for me!) and slept hard! And I took a nap this afternoon. Perhaps this one should actually say "I love sleep!"

10. People magazine. It's my 1 guilty pleasure. What can I say? I'm not perfect. Celebrity gossip makes me smile.

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