Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Mac or Windows? (Or Linux for you super geeks!)

2. What drew you to that operating system?
I have just always used Windows.

3. Mice – Wireless or Wired? Mouse pad or none?
I could go either way, no preference really. But the one I use all the time is wired.

4. Other than the Internet – What do you use your computer most for?
picture editing, word pad (we don't have Microsoft word...the software is too expensive!), calculator (because we don't have a regular one!)

5. What’s one computer-related thing you wish you were best at? (CSS, Photoshop, Excel, etc.)
I'd love to know Excel inside out because I use it at work. I know enough about it to do my job, but I'd love to understand it better.

6. Describe the first time you ever used a computer.
The first time I remember for sure was in 4th grade. Our classroom at school had 2 computers that we used for a small handful of educational games & the print shop program where we could create signs and cards for the classroom.

7. How often do you upgrade to a new operating system?
Um....I'm supposed to upgrade periodically? :) Seriously, I stick with what I know until it becomes obsolete and I am FORCED to switch.

8. Are you a short-cutter (CTRL+C) or a right-clicker?
short cutter!

9. Is computer-use a constant thing in your life (such as using it both at work and home) or do you get a break (because you don’t use them at work)?

10. Where do you think the world would be if personal computers did not exist?
I can see pros & cons. Children & teens would know how to speak and spell correctly. (Of course, that is assuming we got rid of texting, too!) People would sit & have conversations or would talk on the phone more. So all of those things are good.
But there are so many good things about having a computer, too!

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