Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer: Day 77

My sweet Sarah wants a Nintendo DS. Even though we have one. Well, sort of.

See, back when Savannah was 10, she got one for Christmas. About a year later, one of the buttons on it quit working. We called the company & figured out that it would cost more to ship it to them & have it fixed than it would cost to just buy a new one. We decided that since it still sort of worked, it wasn't necessarily urgent to replace it immediately. Savannah felt otherwise. Since their was a difference of opinion, we told her that if she could save up 1/2 the money, we'd pay the other half and help her buy a new DS. She just so happened to get a 'job' that Fall tutoring 2 little boys, so she quickly had her half saved. We held up our end of the bargain & went in with her to buy a new DS. The "old, broken" DS was given to her little brother & sister that year for Christmas. They were perfectly happy with the old DS because they were not using it to play games that required the use of the broken button. They have shared the broken DS ever since.

Now Sarah wants one of her own. That doesn't have a broken button.

Honestly, she COULD continue using the broken one, but she really wants her own. We told her that we wouldn't be making that purchase (any time soon) so if she wanted to save up her own money to buy one, she was more than welcome to do so. All the sudden, we've got an entrepreneur on our hands.

Today, she made a batch of chocolate chip cookies by herself (I supervised, but she made them!) and bagged them up in ziploc baggies. She went around the neighborhood to sell them & tonight, she has nearly $30 to put toward her DS!

I'm proud of her.

And I'm kinda thinking that maybe I should make some cookies. I've got a few bills that I could use some help with. (grin)

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