Saturday, August 6, 2011

Savannah's 15th birthday

This morning, Larry & I woke up and were soon joined by a teenager in our bed. She giggled & wiggled & grinned & talked about the day ahead. Larry & I gave her a couple of gift cards. Sarah gave her a Webkinz she bought for her yesterday. Samuel gave her a Reese's Peanut Butter cup (her favorite candy). She was very happy!

Her breakfast choice was Toaster Scrambles (like Toaster Strudel, but with eggs, cheese & sausage in them). A couple hours later, the girls & I* loaded up and headed to the theater to see the Smurfs movie. Little did Savannah know that there was more in store for her afterward. She knew we were going to a local ice cream place for a treat after the movie, but thought that was just because it was her birthday.

See, several months ago Savannah started "hinting" that she'd like to have a surprise party. I always blew it off and acted like she was crazy because I wouldn't know who to invite or how do pull that off (because she's always in my business!!). I think I even had her convinced that surprise parties are supposed to be thrown by friends, not parents. ha ha!

A couple of days ago, I got a wild haired idea & thought I just might be able to pull it off. Thank goodness for Facebook & email! I was able to pull all the details together without ever having to make a phone call in front of her that she might've overheard and without having to make a trip somewhere that she might've questioned. And it worked out perfectly!

When we walked in today, I made a B-line for the private "party room" in the back of the store. I figured Savannah would wonder why I wasn't going to the counter to order ice cream, but she's just blonde enough just compliant enough to not question me. It didn't occur to her that something was up, so when we walked into the room & everyone said SURPRISE, she was thrilled! I had my mom ready with the camera to catch her reaction & it was priceless! (click the first pic to blow it up bigger)

After the party, we went shopping with her new gift cards. While we were sitting in the dressing room tonight waiting for Sarah to try on clothes in Old Navy, she leaned over & put her head on my shoulder and thanked me for today. And she said "Today may have been the best birthday I've ever had!"

I love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!

*Larry & Samuel couldn't join us today because they were attending a Scout event.

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