Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

I started this last Friday. Feel free to join me on your blog. Just use the picture above (right click & save to your computer) then link back here & leave me a comment so I can see your Phone Dump post. Here's what my week has looked like from the pictures on my phone.'s still HOT in Texas. And DRY. Please pray for rain! We need it baddddddddddd!

Kids...if you didn't think your mom was cool before, well, this ought to confirm that for ya. I wear my sunglasses on top of my regular glasses when I drive. It looks stupid. I really don't care.

Last Saturday, we sat down as a family & watched The Sound of Music. For the first time. Ever. I've been humming, whistling & singing the soundtrack ever since.

One of my dearest friends' daughter is having a baby next month & Sarah and I went to her baby shower. I'm looking forward to meeting baby Johnathan!

Remember when I mentioned that Sarah had made cookies & sold them one day this week to save money to buy a Nintendo DS? This is her & her friend (also named Sarah) at one of the neighbors' doorstep making a sale!

A certain little girl at my house loves to take pictures of herself with my phone.

That same little girl did my make up yesterday. And took before & after pictures.



oh my!
Ha ha! Turn about is fair play. It was her turn next!



after with bangs
Of course we washed it off before we went to her school for Meet the Teacher! She's looking at the class lists to find her teacher's name.

So what did your world look like this week?

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