Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Phone day late

Last night we had our first High School football game of the season & it was super late when I got home, so all my usual fun Friday stuff was postponed until today! So without further adieu, here's my Friday Phone Dump post! Feel free to join in over on your blog. You can use my picture above (just right click & save it to your computer) and then link back here. Let me know in the comments if you do it so I can come over & take a peek! This post is a way to show you what I've done this week through pictures taken on my cell phone.

August 20th was mine & Larry's 17th anniversary. My parents gave us some steaks to grill for our dinner that night. Yummy!!! What a sweet gift!

I added a (premade) spinach salad to it.

And we hung out & played Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly with the kids. Pretty exciting & romantic huh? ha ha! That's just our style.

My silly girl got a hold of my phone again & (as always) snapped a million pics of herself. She's such a goofball! She does it all the time, but it still cracks me up when I look through my pictures & find so many of her funny faces on my phone.

oops...this one's sideways. Sorry about that!

Of course, it should come as no shock that she's so silly in pictures. After all, her Daddy has the same umm....special talent. Sarah wanted to take my picture at the football game last night & this is what I found when I looked at the picture later. ha ha ha ha ha!

One day this week (I've forgotten which day it was!), we went from this... this...

in a matter of minutes. Our whole state has been in a severe drought all summer long, so these raindrops were very welcome! Although it didn't last long, it was so nice to see a good, hard shower for about 45 minutes. It was all over & done within an hour's time. We're praying for more! Soon!!

Like I said, last night was our first football game of the season. It was VERY hot when we left home to head to the game (118 on my van's thermometer) but it cooled down to a balmy 104 degrees by the end of the night. Sigh.

After sweating through the game, I am even MORE ready for Fall temperatures than I was before! I've been wishing for pumpkin candles & cooler weather for a couple of weeks now. And today when I was grocery shopping, I just couldn't help myself.

And then I came home & made apple dumplings. This is the syrup part you pour over the top cooking on the stove.

Hopefully this week's self-portrait I took is a little better than last week's. At least I don't have a weird "wall decoration" in the background this week. This was last night before the game in my Band mama T-shirt.

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