Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer: Days 64 & 65

Wed & Thurs Aug 3-4, 2011

On Wednesday, the kids & I went school clothes shopping at Target (thanks to a fabulous gift card we received). Savannah needs a couple pairs of jeans & she'll be done. Samuel now has a couple new pairs of jeans & a couple shirts. He needs a pair of tennis shoes, but otherwise he's done. Sarah needs some shorts to start the year in before she's done. I see a trip to Walmart in our future!

Today we went to the preschool then came home & took care of some birthday details for Savannah. (She'll be 15 this weekend!) We took care of a friend's dogs on the way to and from school. We'll go again tomorrow & check on them & borrow their swimming pool. The kids are GIDDY about that! (gotta admit....I am too!) Especially since we haven't had rain all summer long & we are now in the 36 or 37th day of over 100 degree temps.

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Rachel said...

Wow I bet the pool water is warm too! Hope you enjoy your swim!