Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Want to Know Wednesday

{1} If you could spend a day with a blogger, who you haven't met in real life, who would you choose?
Wow. There are so many. Let me check my blogroll....

First, I'd go have a sleepover with Amber. We would laugh & cry & talk til the wee hours of the morning.
Then I'd go to see Angie. I'm sure we'd laugh a lot, but I would mostly just sit & listen to her talk. Wisdom, girl!
I'd love to go see April, but I think I'll wait a couple months so that I can meet her 2 newest babies!!
Darcy & I would hang out for some girltalk.
Emily would make me smile & would inspire me.
I'd go see Kelle just to live in her world for a while. The one that refreshes my soul every time I read her blog.
I'd love to go meet Holly to hug her & talk about life.
Missy & I would giggle and share mom stories.
I would love to lay hands on Joanne & pray for her in person, and get to know her better.
The same goes for Kate's family. Maybe she'd introduce me to her sweet dog or maybe we could watch Spongebob together!
I would love to meet JMom and her family. They make me giggle and I love her parenting style!
After years of reading Marlo's blog, I would adore getting a chance to hug her & just hang out.
I would also love to meet Noah's mom and spend some quiet time praying for her and their family.
And Courtney. Oh how I'd have fun with Courtney. Even if it just meant sitting around, sharing war stories. Awesome lady!
Susie & I could probably get into a lot of trouble together. I suspect we'd do a lot of laughing.
The Meanest Mom & I would just sit & talk. She'd tell all her stories & I'd wipe tears from laughing so hard.
I'd love to meet Elayne and Mark. Such precious people!
I want to meet Vanessa after Baby A comes home. Hope it's soon, friend!!!

Wow....looks like the overwhelming theme there is talking, laughing & meeting the families of these folks. I guess you can tell what my top love language is! (Quality time/quality conversation!)

{2} What website do you check first when you go online?
AOL for email, then Facebook, the bank website, 1 message board I'm a part of and this blog. That's about the length of my online life.

{3} What is something you are saving money for right now?
Nothing in particular....just trying to save money where I can!

{4} What is your go to silly face when a silly face is needed?
Hmm....I have a few silly face pictures on my computer. You pick which one you like. ha ha!

{5} How do you relieve stress?
Cry, talk, pray, sleep, eat. (and the hope is that I can destress w/ the first 4 & never reach the last one!)


JMom said...

Aww. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you are having a great day!!

Jason and Vanessa said...

You are so sweet and I would LOVE to meet you too! You have been an amazing support and I thank God for putting you in my life!!!


Jason and Vanessa said...

You are so sweet and I would be overjoyed to meet you! You have been such a HUGE support for me and I thank God for you!!!


Mark and Elayne said...

And we love you too :)