Saturday, June 14, 2008

And we think that we have problems!
Someone sent me this link recently & I have been engrossed in the story ever since.
A quick summary:  Nate (Nathan) keeps this blog.  His wife, Tricia, has cystic fibrosis.  She was getting progressively sick & was at the top of a lung transplant list (the ONLY way a CF patient can survive the disease) when she found out she was pregnant.  They postponed her double lung transplant to have the baby.  She delivered the baby 15 weeks early, as soon as they felt the baby could survive outside the womb basically, when they found a matching pair of lungs available for Tricia.  The baby (of course) was in the NICU for a while, but was doing well, while mama had a double lung transplant and then went into ICU of her own.  Nathan, the daddy/husband, went back & forth between the two, watching over each & praying for health in both.
Both Tricia & baby Gwyneth recently came home from the hospital (hallelujah!).  Last week there was something wrong with Tricia, but it wasn't major.  They didn't even suspect a big problem, but decided to let the doc check on her.  He suspected a fungus in the new lungs & wanted to do a biopsy.  Today the results came back.  The docs believe it may be LUNG CANCER.
Please join me in reading this blog & praying for this sweet family.  Their story is beautiful & full of faith.

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