Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 19

First off, here's the daily picture of Samuel's healing face.  It's all scabbed over now & although his eyelid & a little spot on his forehead is bruised, I think we're in the clear.  No more need for daily Neosporin or anything.  All is well.

Today, day 19 of summer 2008, was the first day since school was out that I didn't have anything to get up & go do, or any particular reason to wake up at any given time.  So I didn't.  I slept til I woke up.  And man, was it nice!  Although I must say that I was awakened at 7:15 by my son (this smiley kid above), asking if he could get on the computer.  Sarah was on it and he wanted his turn.  I reminded him that I could not referee arguments before I was awake & since I didn't plan on waking up yet, the fight had to stop...immediately.  He agreed & left the room.  At 7:30, he returned to ask if it was his turn "yet" which time I told him to go away & not come back.  LOL!  Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a morning person...especially when I'm still half asleep!?  Seriously, I told him that I'd make sure he got a turn later today & not to come back & ask me the same question again.

After we all got up & moving, the kids did their chores while I showered & did my own.  (dishes, laundry, more laundry & yet more....)  After we had our frozen pizzas for lunch, we made a quick run to the grocery store for a few necessities and then had our daily reading time.  The kids are doing so well with that!  I'm really proud of their progress on the reading poster I made.  I'll have to get a new picture of it tomorrow & post it so you can see how many more stickers we've added.  Samuel's still lagging behind the girls but that's mostly because he missed a few days of reading time while he was at Cub Scout day camp last week.

A funny story for ya that happened today:

Savannah had been outside doing a lemonade stand, but she gave up & came in b/c it was so hot.  When she came in the front door, she asked me "Mom, do you want to freak up the lemonade?"
I got her to repeat it & again she said, "Do you want to freak up thelemonade?"
Finally I realized she was saying "do you want a free cup of lemonade?"
I turned it down because I was laughing too hard to drink anything without spewing it out my nose!

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