Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 23 of Summer 2008 (Sun June 22)

This morning, we went to church as usual.  After church, the kids & I left immediately to drive to Terrell, TX.  Savannah's buddies were meeting us there.  I took all 3 kids because Savannah needed someone to argue with all the way there.  (ha)  Seriously, Larry had a meeting this afternoon at the church & I wasn't sure if we'd be back before that time, so the kids went with me.  We met up with her friends & visited for a while before unloading a week's worth of suitcases, pillows, books, stuffed animals & all the assorted paraphernalia that is required for my child to spend 5 days at their house.  She was so excited to take off & enjoy her visit with them!  I talked to her tonight & know that she made it safely to their house.  Now she embarks on 5 days of fun-filled excitement.  They love having her there & she loves going.  What more could we ask for?

This morning at church, it was Pastor Appreciation day.  Our senior pastor has been on staff at the church for about 20 years in some capacity or another.  He's served as children's pastor, associate pastor & senior pastor that I'm aware of, but this morning they mentioned that, at one time or another, he's filled all the other roles as well when the staff was out of town or in between the resignation & hiring of staff in various positions.  For 20+ years, his family has bent around the life of having a pastor in the house.  Being a ministry family ourselves, I know that it's not always easy, so this day was as much about them as it was about Doug.  At the end of the service, all of the staff & their wives joined their family on stage & prayed for them, thanking God for their ministry & asking Him to continue to bless their family.  I love the Andersons!

We also said good-bye to our pastor's sister this morning.  In case you don't know this, our pastor's sister is Tricia Anderson, a DJ on the local Christian radio station that I always listen to.  My favorite voice on KVNE 89.5 FM is getting married this weekend!  She's moving out of state to be with her new husband.  It's been such a sweet pleasure getting to know her a little better in the past year or so.  I tease that she's my 'celebrity friend'.  I hate to see her move away & the morning show on KVNE won't be the same without her, but I am so excited about her future & whatever God has in store for her in the years to come!  I love ya, Tricia!  God bless you & Dan!

The meeting Larry attended this afternoon was to firm up a few details for a mission trip he's going on this Fall.  I don't know all the dates & info yet, but I can tell you this much--he's going to Romania in the Fall for about a week to 10 days.  For safety's sake, I will not post the dates of this trip on this blog until the trip is over.  But if you know me personally, feel free to email me & I will give you more news as I have it.  In the meantime, I ask that all of you begin to pray about this trip & for the safety of all of those who will attend.

:::yawn:::  It's nearly 11pm.  Time for me to hit the sack.

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