Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 29 Saturday June 28

Yesterday morning, we got up & did a few things around the house before time to get ready & go to Ron & Melissa's wedding.  It was such a sweet ceremony!  Since they have both been married before & have children, the kids were all part of the ceremony.  Ron's teenaged son was his best man and Melissa's 2 girls were her bridesmaids.  As part of the ceremony, they gave the kids gifts to welcome them into a new family.  Such a sweet time to see these two grinning & happy at the altar!  What God has joined together, let no man put asunder....

After the wedding & reception, Savannah went with a girlfriend to her birthday party (they picked her up at the church to go straight there) and the friend that Samuel had spent the night with returned him to us at the church.  Larry & I took Samuel & Sarah with us to do a few hospital visits.  Part of Larry's job is visiting people in the hospitals and whenever we can, we go as a family to hug people & hold their hands & pray for them.  We try to let the kids experience that as much as possible.  We want them to see that part of being the hands & feet of Jesus is visiting the sick & injured.  They usually do pretty well standing around a hospital bed with someone they barely know, answering their questions politely & being sweet....and I know it makes the elderly people so happy to see a little child at their bedside!  We were proud of how they did.

Last night was my weekly grocery shopping trip.  I was pretty pleased with myself, too!  A week's groceries for 5 people --- $105.03!  Yahoo!  With gas & grocery prices being what they are now days, it sure helps when we have a week that we can go pretty cheap on groceries.  This coming week, we have a couple nights when we're doing something which means I don't have to cook.  That sure helps the grocery bill!

I'm home this morning (Sunday) from church because Samuel's got an upset tummy.  Hopefully it doesn't turn into something.  I think it may be that he had donuts for breakfast.

I am going to go work on something I've been wanting to post, so watch for another entry in a little while.

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