Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 17 Summer 2008

Today was a full day.  We had Savannah's check up w/ her psychiatrist this morning.  It went well.  Together, we identified a couple of areas of OCD that she's dealing with and he gave us some pointers & ideas on how to work through those things.  Overall, it was a good visit.

We picked up Samuel & Sarah from Larry at the church (he had taken them to work with him since Savannah & I went to the doctor's office at 8am).  We came home & all the kids did their chores and had their 30 minutes of reading time before we took off for round 2 of our day.

A little background---nearly 8 years ago, I joined a message board on AOL for moms who were pregnant & due in March 2001.  Someone there suggested another board to me.  This was a board for moms of closely spaced children.  (Remember, Samuel & Sarah are only ten & a 1/2 months apart, so I definately qualified.)  It was great to get some perspective and share stories with other mothers of closely spaced kids.  On that board, I met a sweet lady from North Carolina named Sherry.  Sherry & I became quick pals because we shared other similar interests outside of just having children who were close in age.  We talked a lot on the board and before long, we began emailing each other as well.  Over the years, we've kept in touch & had a lot of fun "hanging out" together online.  Several months ago, Sherry invited me to join another message board (since neither of us were visiting the AOL boards anymore) she had created.  I was hesitant to do so because that meant spending time "getting to know" new people and trying to fit that into my already busy life.  I went into it hesitant to get involved, but became quick friends with the members of the board.  I've only been visiting the board for 3 months now, but I feel like I've known most of the members for much, much longer.

Today, Larry and the kids & I met one of the families from this board.  They live just over an hour and a 1/2 away from here.  They had actually gone on vacation & visited Sherry's family in NC and on their way home, they stopped here to eat lunch.  We had a fun little visit.  It was neat to get to connect a face with their names (although I had seen pictures, it's just not the same until you meet the actual people).  Larry had to eat & run, but the kids and I stayed for a little while, playing and talking.  Savannah took this picture of Mark & Terry and I before we left.

They are such a sweet Christian couple.  It was neat to get to meet them finally!  And since they're not all that far away, I'm sure we'll get together with them again sometime.  Sherry (our mutual friend) is hoping to come to Texas next summer and if she does, they're going to bring her to meet me, too!  Yahoo!

God bless the internet & all the fun connections we can make through it.

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