Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 26 (still)

First off, my apologies to anyone who read the blog earlier today with all the colors.  I thought it might be neat to change things up a bit, so I editted the format a little (see my new three columns format?) and added on the link to Larry's blog (see the left column) and I changed up the colors.  But, after looking at the blog a little more tonight, I decided that it was a little too much for my eyes....and I switched colors again.  This time, I went with AOL's "sky blue" layout.  We'll see if I stick with it.  AOL offers 10 or 12 basic color choices & then you can customize & change up the colors if you want to get creative.  That's what I did earlier, but I decided the basic color choices would work better for my eyeballs.  (& hopefully for yours, too!) promised, this is installment #2.

Tonight was the 2nd quarter awards ceremony for Royal Rangers & Missionettes.  First up was the girls!  Sarah is a Prim.  She got several badges & answered several questions on stage in front of the audience & she didn't even seem nervous!  Way to go Sarah.  Here she is on stage.

After all the girls got their awards, the boys got theirs.  Samuel is a...umm...Ranger something.  I feel awful that I always forget the name of his group, but it's a little confusing.  The whole group is called Royal Rangers, but then they have the ages divided up into Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, and...something else.  Anyway, I can never remember which one he is.  I think he's a Discovery Ranger but I could be getting that all wrong.  Anyway, while he was on stage, he got to say a memory verse into the microphone.  My camera was getting low on batteries, so I had to turn it off between pictures to conserve power.  I caught this one as he finished speaking & turned to hand the microphone back to his teacher.

Shoot!  I wasn't quick enough to get him facing me with the microphone.  :(  So I had to try again.

Ah, well..I was close.

I was so proud of both kids.  They both received lots of new badges & they did very well on stage in front of a bunch of other kids & their parents.  Way to go, guys!

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