Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 5 & 6--Summer 2008 and the camera saga

Oops!  I missed posting yesterday!  Sorry about that!  Of course, this is assuming that there is anyone out there reading this who CARES what we do on a daily basis!  ha ha!

Friday was a great day.  We had our first swim of the summer, which was a special treat.  Some friends of ours moved to Tennessee a couple of months ago & there house is on the market.  Until it sells, several of the guys at the church are taking turns mowing their yard to keep it nice.  This week was Larry's turn.  In return for mowing the yard, we got to swim in their pool!  Poor Larry spent over 2 hours mowing & weedeating while the kids and I frolicked & played and splashed.  It was great fun!  By the time he got done & was ready to jump in and cool off, the kids & I were worn out and ready to go.  We did let him get in & cool off for a little while, though.  After our swim/yard work, we came home and spent the day relaxing & doing some stuff around the house.  It was a nice day!

Today, we went to Larry's hometown for a funeral of a sweet older man, a friend of the family.  We got to spend some time with family.  We got some great news today!  Larry's cousin Marci is getting married at the end of the summer!  He is in the military, and his first station after they're married will be in Hawaii!  Wow...what a honeymoon those first couple of years!

......and the camera saga.......

A little over a week ago, on the kids' last day of school, my camera died.  Now, you may have realized on this blog that I take pictures almost daily.  I post them quite often.  The dying of my camera was awful!  I thought I was going to have withdrawals from missing the opportunity to take pictures!  I'm no photographer like my friend Alyssa Check out her blog to see some amazing photography!  Anyway, I really needed a camera!  And to top it off, Sarah is getting baptised tomorrow morning & I couldn't miss having my camera for that!  Once I realized that the camera was officially dead, I panicked.  With our being in "summer survival mode" (money is tighter in the summer since I don't work as much), I knew we couldn't go out & buy a new camera, so I went on the hunt for a used one.  I figured SOMEONE was upgrading cameras & had an old one sitting on the shelf in the closet.  I put out the word & luckily, I had a lot of offers!  Last Sunday, a lady from church brought me one.  She didn't have a memory card for it or the cords & such, but she had a camera.  I figured I couldn't gripe about having to buy the accesories since she was giving me a camera!!  I found a USB cord & the camera manual online.  Last night I got a memory card at Walmart.  I came home & immediately popped it into the camera & boom (cue the scary music) it said "can not use this card".  YIKES!  I got online to see if I could find out WHY.  All I could figure out is that the card was too big (too high capacity) for the camera.  Yuck.  Knowing that we'd be gone to the funeral today I figured I'd never get to the store to replace it....but I needed a camera for Sarah's baptism tomorrow.  We left for the funeral this morning with me still trying to figure out how this would all work out!  On the drive, I called my sister (who was one of the people who'd offered a camera last week) and found that she still had the camera she had offered me originally.......and she wanted me to have it!  Hallelujah!  I went & picked it up this afternoon on our way home.  It's still a bit older & I will have to buy memory cards online because the store doesn't sell ones this small (it takes a 256mb or less XD card and the stores carry no smaller than a 1GB card).  I've already found one on eBay & ordered it, but until it comes, my sis is letting me borrow one of her cards.

Boy.......if you're still reading after all that, you're really dedicated & love me!  Thanks for sticking around through all that!  :)

And for your reward, here's the test pic I took of Savannah this afternoon when we got home.  Hoorah for a working camera!

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