Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 11 Summer 2008

Oops!  Somehow I missed blogging last night.  Probably because there isn't a great deal to say about yesterday.  The girls & I went to school.  Samuel went to Cub Scout day camp again.  When we picked him up, we ran some errands, including the purchase of the finishing pieces of Larry's Father's Day gift!  Now I just need to get him a card & wrap it and we're all done.  Now I just need to figure out MY dad's Father's Day.  Hmm....that's a little tougher.

At school yesterday, Savannah & I did Father's Day surveys with the kids in my class.  We heard a few really FUNNY answers.  Just a sampling from some of their answers:

Q:  If I gave your dad $100, what would he buy?
A:  Toys for me!
Q:  If I gave your dad $100, what would he buy?
A:  Chocolate!
Q:  What does your dad like to do?
A:  Paint my room.
Q:  How much does your dad weigh?
A:  Ummm....he runs a lot.
Q:  If you could spend a whole day with your dad, what would you do?
A:  He'd help me stand on my head.  {note:  apparently this is a skill she's learning & he's been helping her}
Q:  What does your mom call your dad?
A:  Theodore  {note:  his name is Jack}

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