Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 25 Summer 2008

Another grand day in the summertime!

This morning, I went to work.  Samuel & Sarah went with me as usual.  However, before the day was over, one of Samuel's friends picked him up & took him swimming.  His mom told me that Samuel mastered the tube slide today.  She said he climbed the ladder about 5 times, each time getting nervous at the top & coming back down before he finally decided to give it a try.  The first time, he slid down, but stopped himself at the bottom of it & wriggled his way over to the side and off onto the ground without shooting out into the water.  Later, he gave it a shot, hit the water, which was about eyeball deep on him & somehow, he bobbed over to the shallower area (is shallower a word?) until he could touch.  He loved it so much that he did it over & over again afterward! 

His time with his friends provided Sarah & I time to finish up at school, drive through Sonic & pick up one of her favorite snacks (chili & cheese tater tots), and come home for a nice, peaceful quiet time.  She watched a movie from the library while I read a little & checked my email.

When Samuel got home, Larry came home and we decided that King needed a bath & a haircut.  While we've been planning to get his hair cut for a while now, we haven't had a chance to investigate places to take him nor have we had any extra money (they're pretty pricey for a larger, long-haired dog ya know?).  And so...he's now the neighborhood nerd dog...you know, the one who is embarassed because his mom cut his hair herself.  ha ha!!  It was quite difficult to pull off because King is a lazy dog...he wants to lay down when you sit down on the ground beside him (to cut his hair).  And when he wasn't laying down, he was moving.  And I'm no professional.  And all I have is a pair of scissors.  And I didn't really know what I was doing.  And my scissors weren't quite as sharp as I'd like them to be.  And his hair was still a little wet from the bath.  (can you tell I'm building up?)  His "beard/chest" area looks pretty choppy, but the rest of his hair looks good.  I'll have to keep working on his chest/neck area til I get it evened up, but I did as much as he would let me do today.  I trimmed his tail, around his legs, under his tummy, all up around his sides/back, his head, under his chin (the choppy part I was talking about).  I'd like to have a set of clippers to do his legs & a closer shave around his rear end, but for now it'll have to do.  All in all...it's not horrible, but it could definately be better.  Oh well.....he's a DOG.  It's hair that will all grow back pretty quick anyway.  And at least for a little while, he'll be cooler!

What do ya think?  He looks like a skinnier, littler dog, doesn't he?  I would post a 'before' picture, but AOL is acting up & won't let me!  Ugh...oh well.  You get the idea.

The kids are heading to bed now & I think I'm going to try to convince Larry to watch a movie with me.

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