Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 14 & 15 -- Summer 2008

Friday June 13th, Day 14

What a fun day!  The boys left early for day camp and the girls & I hung out at the house, doing a few chores & getting ready for a fun time in the afternoon!  At 12:00, we went to the home of some friends for their daughter's 7th birthday pool party.  I wasn't really sure what the moms planned to do (get in & swim or not?) so I didn't go in my swimming outfit.  Turns out that there were only 2 moms there (in addition to the birthday girl's mom) and neither of us came dressed to swim.  It's ok though.  We hung out on the side of the pool & watched the rest of the crew swim.  Between kids & the birthday parents, there were about 15 people in the pool, so it was pretty full.  I got to serve as party photographer & enjoyed snapping lots of pictures for their scrapbook.  It was an especially fun time to hang out with this family.  You see, Mike & Benae hold a sweet spot in our hearts.  When A&K moved in, they were such good friends to us and loved on A&K (as well as our bio kids) like their own.  They were there for us both as a family and as friends throughout that whole time.  In early April, Mike accepted a job in ministry in a little town about 5 hours away.  This was our last time to get to see them so it was a really special time.  Lots of hugs were shared before we left.  I know they will do well in their new home, but we sure will miss them.  Keep them in your prayers in the coming weeks as they have a LOT on their plates.

We got home from their party about 3:00 & then had just about an hour to shower, get dressed again & pack Savannah's bag for a slumber party.  I took her there & dropped her off at 4:30.

Saturday June 14, day 15 Summer 2008

Last night, Larry asked if we had anything in particular on the schedule for today.  We've been SOOO busy for weeks now that it was nice to say no...the calendar is blank.  Whew!  And so, since we did have some free time & a tiny bit of extra money in the bank this week, we decided to do something we haven't done in 6 months!  We went to the movies!  We've ALL been wanting to see Kung Fu Panda since we saw the previews for it on Christmas Day when we went to see Alvin & the Chipmunks!  And today we saw it!  It was such a cute movie!  There was only 1 word in the whole movie that made me cringe a bit, but it wasn't THAT big of a deal & our kids missed it entirely.  I think we'll probably end up buying it when it comes out on DVD.  We all really enjoyed it!  In case you haven't heard about it, here is some info about it:  and a trailer:

All in all, it was a great day!

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