Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 13--post 1

I titled this the way I did because I figure there will be a post 2.  THIS post is here for 2 reasons.

1.  to thank you for reading my rant yesterday & emailing me with your support and hugs.  I apologize for whining about something dumb, but I was irritated & needed a place to vent.  Thanks for offering me your ears (err...eyes?).

2.  to show you my crazy son's Cub Scout day camp swaps hat!  This is what he went out the door wearing this morning.

They are allowed to pin whatever they want to their hat and they all swap little "gifts" with the other boys at camp.  He LOVED this day last year & came home with all sorts of cool swaps.  I'm curious to see what he'll come home with this afternoon!

1 comment:

mamafaye2 said...

 As I remember, this is not the first crazy hat to go to camp. Remember what your older sister wore to daycamp when you were little?   Mom