Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 24

I mentioned to Samuel & Sarah that today was Day 24 of summer & they both immediately broke into song.  A song, you ask?  Yes...a song.  For any of you without kids who aren't familiar with the shows on Disney channel, this may not make any sense.  But for those of you with children, you'll understand this.  They were singing the theme song to Phineas & Ferb.  For those of you who don't know the words, allow me to introduce you.  It's actually a really catchy, cute song. they were a little giddy today.  But I love the way they get along.  After all, they've always had each other.  Remember, Sarah's less than a year younger than Samuel, so the two of them are super close.  Neither of them remembers a time when the other wasn't around.  Although they're brother & sister and fight sometimes, really, they're the best of buddies.

This morning, Larry told me that the exterminator would be coming this afternoon at 4:00.  He ever so lovingly reminded me that the guy would be coming inside to spray in/around/behind furniture, so we needed the place to look pretty tidy.  No problem.  It was already fairly clean & straightened up, but I had a TON of laundry that I needed to do.  Like...a week's worth.  And so, I got up about 8:30, fed the kids breakfast & then started on my laundry folding mission.  I stopped to feed the kids lunch & do the dishes, but really, the rest of the day was spent doing laundry.  I actually finished up every last stitch of laundry in the house because I was on a roll.  (of course, there will be more tomorrow...there always is!)  Ok, so anyway, when I'm cleaning house, I usually stay in my PJs til I'm done because I tend to get all hot & sweaty and I'd rather sweat in my PJs & then get dressed when I'm all done (& after I've had a shower).  WELL....after all this work, I was reaching the end of my laundry when I walked through the kitchen & who did I see?  THE EXTERMINATOR!!  It was only 2:45!!!!  Since when do people coming to do work at your house arrive EARLY?  They're always late...if they show up at all & now this guy has to go and blow that out of the water by showing up over an hour early!  Yikes!  Mind you, I had not brushed my hair & I was still wearing my oh-so-lovely holey, stained up sweatpants & Tshirt that I'd slept in!  I got to the door in time to lean my head out & explain my predicament to the guy, who graciously understood & explained that it was no problem....after all, he only had to spray outside.  What?  After all that work & a slight panic attack, he only had to spray OUTSIDE.   :::Sigh:::  Don't ya hate it when that happens?

Oh well!  Within 20-30 minutes, he was done & gone.  The kids & I ran to the post office to mail a few things & then ran by the library to return some movies & get a few new ones.  Now, I must tell the past, we've recycled religously, but since moving into this house (May 2005), we have not.  We would LOVE to, but there is simply no where to PUT the recyclable stuff between trips to the recycle center.  It needs to be outside, but there really is no place to put it.  We've talked about building a little box/frame thing to put some trash cans in to use for recycling, but that requires time, money & supplies.  ANYWAY.....I told you all that so that you'd understand this part of my blog entry.  As we're leaving the library, Samuel noticed that they have a caged, fenced thing in the parking lot where people can deposit aluminum cans to be recycled.  Once a month they have a truck from the recycling center come by & pick up all the cans.  Samuel saw this thing & said "Hey mom!  LOOK!  They recycle!!".  I confirmed that, yes, they do.  He asked if we could start bringing OUR cans to the library for recycling, but I pointed out that it's mostly just soda cans & since we don't drink canned soda very often, we really don't have cans to contribute.  Of course, my brilliant child had an answer for that.  "Well, I'm going to change that.  I'm putting all of us on a diet!  A SODA diet!"  The goober.  At least we know he's creative.

After we got home, I set up the Slip & Slide for the kids to play on while I cooked supper.  I took a few pictures, so of course I'm going to share them!

At one point, I looked out & saw that Samuel had headed into the backyard for something and Sarah was waiting for him to come back.

Of course, she didn't realize he was going to come back armed!

They continued to play out there even after I turned off the water!  I swear...the slip & slide was the best $7 investment I ever made for summertime fun.  They love it!

And oh yes....remember the fish picture I told you I'd share on Saturday when Larry & Samuel went fishing?  We finally got it off Larry's phone today & here is Samuel with his FIRST fish ever!  Good job, dude!

Tomorrow, it's back to work for me.  I swear, these summer hours are fabulous.  It seems like it's a month between work days.  And the break between Thursday & almost forget that I have a job with a 5 day break every weekend.  WooHoo!  Have I mentioned that I love my job??



mamafaye2 said...

 Wow!  Way to go Sam!  I expected some little wimpy fish, but that's a pretty good one.  Did he bring it home to cook?
   I may have to come join the slip and slide games.  That looks like fun.

nursegirl1994 said...

Hey, okay.  I just got signed up and logged in.  I promise to leave occassional random comments. ha ha.-lisa