Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 22--Saturday June 21

Hard to believe that we're already nearly a month into summer 2008.  It's going fast!  This coming Tues/Thurs will be my last week with my 1st session of summer school.  Some of the kids will return for session 2 and/or 3, but it'll be my last day with a few of them.  The sweet side is that in July, I will have some of the kids I had in my class this past school year, so I'll get to have a little reunion with a few of my favorite kids.

Today, Larry & Samuel went to the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center in Athens.  Truly, this is one of the most boring places I've ever been to...but the boys enjoyed it.  Samuel caught his first fish (ever!) while they were there.  Larry took a picture of it on his cell phone, but we don't have the slightest clue how to get it off the phone & onto the computer.  If we ever figure it out, I'll post it.  (By the way, if you have a Motorola Razor phone, email me & tell me how to do it!)

The girls & I went to a wedding today.  This past year in school, Sarah had a sweet student teacher for about 2 months.  Miss Hurley got married today & became Mrs. Clark!  It was a pretty wedding & a lovely reception.  We weren't expecting to eat a full meal at the reception and we didn't realize it was going to be as big of an event as it was, so we gave her a hug & left when they started lining up at the buffet table.  After all, by the time we got home, we'd been gone for over 3 hours.

Tonight, Savannah & I went to the store to pick up a couple of things she needed for her trip that begins tomorrow.  You see, her best buddies who live out of town have her come up for a visit each summer.  They are twin girls who moved away the summer after they were all in the 1st grade.  Their mom & I never expected that such a strong connection would have been formed at such a young age, but it did....and all these years later, they still love each other dearly.  It's crazy that 3 little girls who met in Kindergarten, but haven't lived near each other in 5 years would still be friends when they're going into the 7th grade!  Anyway, we've been blessed with a sweet relationship between the girls and I adore their parents, so it's always a treat when Savannah can go visit.

On the way to the store, we passed the site of the restaurant where Larry & I first met.  We worked together at Mazzio's Pizza in Tyler in the early 90s.  I first got a job there in '92.  Larry joined the crew a few months after I did.  The restaurant burned down about 5 or 6 years ago and another restaurant was built on the sight of our beloved Mazzio's.  When I saw the parking lot area of the store, I noticed something I haven't seen before.  You see, when we worked there, the area where employees parked was lower than the rest of the parking lot.  We had to park & walk up a steep hill to get to the regular parking lot & into the building.  I noticed that the old employee parking area had been landscaped since the days of us parking there & not only that, there are some quite large, well established trees growing there.  Not only did they fill it in with dirt since then, they must've had to break up the concrete underneath to make enough room for a root system of a large tree.  After all, the roots would need room to grown down into the earth if it was ever to become a large tree.  And every time we've ever planted a tree, it's taken a long time for the tree to grow very big.  I was pondering how on earth they'd planted trees & gotten them so big so quick.  And while I realized that they probably planted some established trees since fancy landscape companies can transplant bigger trees than what we'd plant in our yard, it occured to me that it's been nearly TWENTY years since we worked there together.  It's actually only been 16 years, but still...that's close to 20.  Good Lord, how old are we?

It's amazing how fast time passes.  Even Savannah mentioned it lately.  She's beginning to see how fast time goes by, and she's not yet 12.  wow.

Speaking of Savannah.....we realized at about 9:30 last night as we drove home from our date that we weren't certain Savannah had taken her medicine (Zoloft) at breakfast.  It occured to me that I hadn't handed it to her, but I hoped she'd gotten it herself.  She's done it on her own many times, so I hoped that was the case....but I wasn't sure.  Fast forward to about 3:30 this afternoon.  After several emotional breakdowns, she finally fell apart completely.  She was packing to go to her friends' house & was getting frustrated over things not fitting into her suitcase, and over being confused about what to pack.  It was silly stuff for her to getso worked up about & then it hit me......oh no!  She didn't have her pill this morning either!  YIKES!  And so, at nearly 4pm, she took her pill.  Thank goodness it hit me when it did!  She would've been in no shape to go for a visit tomorrow if we hadn't realized our oops!  After 2 days of forgetting to take it, she had bottomed out and was feeling miserable.  As she crawled into my lap & curled up like an infant to sob for the next 15 minutes about all her packing frustrations, I prayed for the medicine to kick in quick and help her feel better.  Poor baby girl.  I hate to see her feel so yucky & low & depressed.  I guess that answers the question of whether or not she still needs her medicine.  I'm not sure what to expect out of puberty with her.  I've always sort of hoped that puberty would cure her anxiety problems, but it doesn't appear to be changing anything yet.

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