Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 2 of Summer 2008

Today was our first day of summer school at Oak Tree (my school).  The kids had a lot of fun.  Samuel & Sarah reluctantly went to the class for school-aged kids because they were expecting this to be a "baby school" where they had to do "baby things", I think.  As it turns out, one of Samuel's buddies from Cub Scouts (albeit a buddy we did not encourage him to play with!!!!!) was in his class.  Sarah bonded with the other little girls and everything was fine.  Samuel was a little surprised that he was the oldest kid in the class, but he did OK with it.  Savannah stayed in my room & helped me.  She was a great help, playing with the kids and running errands for me all day.  I kept realizing I needed a spoon or a piece of red tissue paper or whatever and I'd send her to the work room to get it for me!  Yahoo..my own personal assistant!  :)

When we left, I surprised the kids by getting a pizza from Domino's.  We had a coupon for a free small pizza, so I pulled through & got one.  Since a small pizza has teeny little pieces, we all came home & had a couple of pieces to fill our snacking needs!  Yummy!  Afterward, I dozed off on the couch while watching Spongebob with the kids.  It was a great afternoon!

I had a staff wives' dinner tonight.  Since it was at the home of one of the ladies, the kids went w/ me and played with her daughter all night.  That was fun!  For all of us.

And let me just say..........this blog is way more boring without pictures!  My digital camera pooped out on me Friday.  I did a little networking (i.e. Freecycle & myspace!) and found a hand me down from a friend.  I need to get an SD card for it this weekend and when I do, I'll catch up.

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