Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 20 Summer 2008

This is a post for yesterday--Thursday June 19th.

First of all, I totally missed the date on my calendar & missed being able to tell my parents something important, and that is

It was their 44th wedding anniversary!  I hope you were able to have fun & enjoy a day as a couple who's been together...well, forever.  :)  I love you guys!

As for my day, apparently it was "Round 2" in the weather.  We had almost an identical repeat of Tuesday afternoon's crazy storm, however it was mid-day while I was at work, so this time I didn't have to run through it & get soaked trying to buy a Coke.  ha ha!

Yesterday was the last day for my "Picnic" theme week at work, so we had a class picnic in the room where the parents were invited to attend.  (We would've done it outside, but it was raining cats & dogs...and sheep & bunnies & the time.)  After the picnic, most of the class went home a little early with their parents.  Since I was down to just 2 kiddos & Savannah, it was a very relaxing time for that last hour or so.  A sweet picture of two of my girlies with Savannah--

And me in my element (preschool):

After work, the kids & I went to the library for new movies & books.  We're trying to decide whether or not to do the library's annual summer reading program this year.  Since we're doing one at home ourselves, it's sort of redundant to do it there as well.  Plus, this year they're doing it a little different and there is the rule that you can only count books you check out from the library.  All of that makes sense, but many times we've had a struggle with the kids wanting to read our own books, or things from the church library that we visit.  While those books are great, too, it does put a strain on the library program's rules.  I'm not sure what we'll do yet, but I guess I better decide soon.  The first day is Saturday & we'll need to pick up our reading logs if we're going to do it!

It wasn't too long after our library trip that Larry got home from work.  We had already planned our evening, but due to the rain earlier in the day, we weren't sure if we could pull it off.  Remember our friends whose house hasn't sold yet...the ones who moved out of state already?  Larry & another guy are taking turns mowing their yard for them til the house sells.  Since you can't usually mow wet grass too well, we were not sure if Larry would be able to get it mowed.  We decided to give it a shot & it worked!  While he mowed, the kids & I went swimming.  After all, it's good for a pool to get used & not just sit there, right?  We had a lot of fun.  Samuel was able to really get the hang of swimming underwater for the first time ever and he figured out how to do a cannonball & a bellyflop (or a belly buster...same thing).  Up until last night, he'd never been brave enough to attempt jumping off or swimming much at all.  Yahoo!!!  AND, Sarah got brave, too.  She's still not ready for much else, but she figured out how to put her face under the water & hold her breath for a while...and she had to have a lot of cheering to do it, but she jumped in a couple of times, too.  (all in the shallow end of course!)  Yahoo!  I was really proud of these guys!!!  We ended up being there for about 3 hours, so it was a good workout for me, too.  I swam lots of laps with all different strokes.  I wish we had a pool.  Here are some pictures I took.  This first one is the splash created when Savannah jumped in when we first got there.  She didn't want to gradually ease her way into the pool, but jump right in & get it over with immediately.  ha ha!

See how proud she was of herself--

One of Samuel's big jumps:

And for some goofy reason, he wanted me to take a picture of him while he was underwater holding his breath, with his feet in the air.  LOL

Here is one of Sarah's jumps into the pool, too...kinda blurry, though.  (and as you can see, she was REALLYYYYYYY close to the side & got her feelings hurt when I reminded her that she needs to jump further out into the water so she won't bonk her face on the side of the pool--she was so upset with herself after this jump that I think she only attempted it one more time)

But she had a lot of fun anyway.

We all did.  This is me in my other element (mommy)--wet hair & everything!

By the time we left, it was getting dark.  Miss Savannah in her towel cloak (ha ha):

Samuel, who is always ready for more excitement:

And Sarah...who was getting tired & cranky and wasn't too keen on having her picture taken. was a good day.


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mamafaye2 said...

 Thank you very much.  It was a good day.  We ate lunch at Cheddar's and bought us a new storm door for the back door.  Now, ain't that just too romantic?!