Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4--Summer 2008

Our first official week of summer is almost over.  Hard to believe that...but it's good that we're passing time smoothly.

Today I worked again, so the kids & I took off for school at about 8:30.  There is a fine balance there....getting to work early enough to get things done without being so early that the kids are bored & getting into things by the time the actual school day starts at 9:30.  I may have to keep adjusting things til I find the right balance.  I don't do well when my kids are getting a little rowdy in public places.  They may have not been bothering anyone else, but they were bugging me.  (I guess that falls into the whole "you are your own worst critic" category.)

School went well again today.  Samuel & Sarah had another good day & Savannah was a great helper for me!  On Tuesday she commented to me, while I was doing something or other with one of the kids, "Mom, I can see why you got the teacher of the year award!".  Awwwww!  I love this kid!  And ya know, after watching her interact with the kids in my class so far this week, I think I might see a future teacher emerging.  She is pretty good with the kids, coming up with ways to entertain them & all.  She takes part in Circle Time and has made a craft right alongside them.  It's pretty cute to see my big girl at the table with all the little ones.

After school today, we went to the library here in town.  I surprised Samuel & Sarah by getting them their OWN library cards!  (Savannah already had her own.)  They were so happy & kept flashing their cards to people in the library while we were there.  ha ha!  Too cute!  They each checked out several books & 1 movie.  Samuel came home & wanted to watch his movie but Sarah sat down & read all seven of her books.  It took a little while, but she did it!

After we all rested a while, I made our spaghetti for supper & then surprised them all again with a trip to the Coke machine to get a drink to go with supper.  They thought they'd died & gone to heaven.  How fun that the small things still tickle them!

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Thanks for inviting me to view your "world".
Looking forward to getting to know your family more.
:) Debi