Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 10 Summer 2008

The alarm went off at 7:00 this morning & I feel like I've been running 90 mph ever since.

Larry & Samuel left here about 7:40, just minutes after the power went out, to get Samuel to Cub Scout day camp.  Since everything we have (breakfast foods wise) needs to be cooked, we were stumped on what to eat.  Oh well....sometimes a girl *must* go to the donut store.  ha ha!  The girls & I got dressed and loaded up to head to the donut shop, but it occured to me that their power might be ought too.  I decided I better call before we drove up there.  Now mind you, our donut shops are owned by a family from Cambodia & most of them don't speak fluent English, so sometimes it's difficult to understand them (or for them to understand us).  The conversation on the phone went something like this:

Donut Shop Lady:  Hello?
me:  Are you open?
DSL:  yes.
me:  Ok, great.  Our electricity went out & I wasn't sure if yours had too.
DSL:  uh, yes.
me:  Wait.  Is your power out?
DSL:  yes
me:  Oh, ok.  And you're open?
DSL:  yes, we open.
me:  Do you have electricity?
DSL:  uh, what kind donut you want?
(stifling giggles)  me:  I just wanted to know if you are open.
DSL:  yes, we open.
me:  Thank you.
The girls & I drove into town and of course only our street was involved in the power outage.  The donut shop did indeed have power...and donuts.
We came back home, ate our donuts in the dark and waited for the power to come back on.  One of my children found something to do (Nintendo DS), but the other one was bored....five minutes after finishing her donuts.  Can you tell who is who?
Apparently, hanging upside down from a kitchen chair is a cure for boredom.
Soon after, the power came back on.  We got ready & left for Sarah's eye doctor appointment.  The appointment was scheduled for 9:40.  We arrived right at 9:40, but waited until 10:35 before we were called back to the exam room.  The nurse did a quick version of the vision exam, but while we waited for him to come back with the dilating drops, I snapped a picture of the little patient.
The doc said she's 20/20 in her left eye and 20/25 in her right eye.  She is far sighted right now, and he said that's real common for kids this age with growing bodies.  (ya learn something new every day!)  Since the difference between her two eyes is so minor, he didn't feel like glasses were necessary right now.  However, since there is a history of strabismus in our family (remember Savannah's eye problems?), he does want to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't have 1 eye that she favors, eventually causing an alignment problem or amblyopia (lazy eye).  So we'll go back in 6 months & repeat the exam.  He said it's real common for growing kids to have vision changes as they're growing and that is probably what we're dealing with now.  In 6 months, he'll see if things are continuing to decline or if it's still about the same.  If it's changed any, he said we'd be real agressive about taking care of it (meaning glasses).
Since her eyes were dilated, she got to wear these cool shades out of the office.
In fact...I just took this picture less than an hour ago.  Her eyes are STILL very dilated.  Take a look.  Can you see those big ol' pupils?
It was 12:00 before we left the eye doctor's office.  Larry had asked me to call him when I left (especially if she was going to need glasses!).  However, since she didn't need them, we had time to kill.  Samuel was due to be picked up from day camp at 2:30 and I couldn't justify driving all the way home & then back in 2.5 hours with gas prices being what they are!  So when I called Larry, we decided to meet at Cici's Pizza for lunch to kill some time.  When we left Cici's, it was still only about 12:45.  Ugh...still nearly 2 hours to kill.
The girls kept asking "what are we going to do?" while I drove in circles (small circles...I can't afford too many big circles!) trying to figure out what to do with our time.  We decided to go to the library at one of the local (BIG) Baptist churches.  They have a great library program and since we live in the next town over, we don't get to go there very often, so it's always a treat!  My buddy Darcy F will be proud of the book choices I made.  (It's the same 2 books you read last week, Darcy!!)  The girls picked out a few books & DVDs, too.  We left there & STILL had over an hour til time to pick up Samuel.  Since we were close to my school, I drove over to see if they had placed the Teacher of the Year sign yet.  And they had!!!  Hooray!  Look!
The sign will stay there until the end of this coming school year when we select a new Teacher of the Year.  I think my head swelled just a little bit when I got back into the van after taking the picture!  (grin)
After doing this, I was tired of driving around & looking for something to fill time, so we just went to the day camp location and sat in the van for a little while.  Since we had new books from the library, we read for a few minutes.  Sarah found some crayons & a coloring book, so she colored a little bit, too.  When we all got too bored & hot sitting in the car, we got out & watched the boys do their closing ceremony.  It was interesting to see this SEA of little boys in matching shirts, running around all over the place until the whistle blew, signaling them to sit down & listen.  Way to go, Cub Scout leaders!  After getting Samuel picked up, we headed home for the day!  It was nearly 3pm by the time we drove away.
We had a little down time this afternoon before I made supper & let the kids plop down in front of the TV to watch a movie.  It's finishing up now and then they will head to bed.  Looks like I won't get in my bike ride today (Larry will be gone til later tonight).  I guess taking a day off here & there is ok, right?  Besides, I'll be doing my cardio workout (aka: music class with the 3 year olds at my school) tomorrow.
Oh....and before I forget, several of you have asked to see a picture of our Summer Reading poster.  Check out all the stickers on this baby!  Each one of those stickers represents 1 book read!  Way to go Reeves kiddos!
...and just to be fair....a picture of my sweet Cub Scout today!

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darcyfras said...

* Good choice on the books! :) You won't put them down once you get going. But I got to thinking, you should finish the other one even though you know how it ends...cause you know there is a sequel to that book!! :)

* Love the reading poster!! All the summer reading programs at the libraries don't start until next week, but Hannah started three weeks ago and I've been keeping track of them!! :) Now, are those any books they read?? Like does your oldest get credit for reading an easy book like Dr Seuss?? How do you do your sticker reward system and what are their goals?? Do they get a reward?? Trying to get ideas.

* Congrats on getting Teacher of the Year!! Whoo Hoo!